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Monday, October 27, 2008

House A Home a list? Yes.

+ Friday night I went to a happy hour with Ali and Nathaniel, which was fun. I got proposed to by some random guy. I wasn't even drunk (I swear!). Ali and I kept saying to Nathaniel, "See! See what it's like to be a girl!?" It was fun.

+Saturday I worked and then had to decide what to do. I hate decision time because what I want to do is go home, relax, change, and then see what is going on. But my living location does not allow for that unfortunately. I ended up going to my college homecoming, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

+Yesterday I worked late because we had inventory, but I worked with my Brosephs so it was a good time. We acted like we were 12 and made up funny names like Jack Doff.

+Today I went with my sister to the doctor where she emerged with a wrist brace and instruction to also wrap up her ankle. Poor thing...I told her she looked like she got in a fight ("but you should see the other guy").

+After the doctor we got lunchtime margaritas and fajitas at El Agave in Warrenton.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)

2+2=4 hours of class
1 hour of group meeting time
4 hours (estimate) of work time to finish paper/webpage

4+1+4=9 hours until I am effing done with grad school!

Just another reason to celebrate! December is going to be really good.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Under The Influence

The other night I had the news on when I caught the words, "Mary Washington" and my ears perked up. Earlier that night, at my class at the University, we gossiped about how the President of the school, William Frawley, had been in an accident and may have gotten a DUI.

In the first story I heard, he had left the hospital after being in a car accident and then was stopped after driving poorly on 95, but it was most likely because of his pain medication. Even though it was a poor decision to drive while on pain meds, it's not like he got trashed at a neighborhood bar* and then tried to go home. Oh wait, like so many college students do? Hmmm.

On the news, though, they reported that he was driving erratically on 95 with three tires. I recently got a flat tire and let me tell you, it's very obvious when all four tires are not working properly. And wouldn't there be sparks from the rim driving on the road? Oh how I wish I had seen this on the Interstate.

It is weird to be seeing my alma mater and current grad school on the news so often now. I just saw a news ticker with the story run across The Today Show. But do people really care about this story? I go to the freaking school and could probably not care less. Yeah, it's not cool to drive when under the influence of substances, whether they are prescribed or not, but reporting, "OH MY GOSH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY HAS BEEN PLACED ON PAID LEAVE AFTER DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE" is snooze-worthy. Add to the story, "WITH A COKED UP WHORE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT" or "WHILE WEARING WOMEN'S CLOTHING" and maybe I'll be interested, but until then? Report on the stuff I care where Brad Pitt is right now or what Tony Blair is up to.


*Yah! Spirits!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is my new ranking system for classes:

From favorite to least favorite...

1. No Class
2. Summer class with professor who plans many online classes and lets us out early each week.
3. Summer class
4. Fall/Spring class with professor who plans many online classes and lets us out early each week.
5. Fall/Spring class
6. Online class

With the exception of #1, since no class beats rock, paper, scissor, world peace, and maybe even puppies, I'm a little surprised at how I am ranking things.

I was excited and relieved to finally have an online class this semester. Survey of Special Education EDSE 531. Sure, the number is really big, but it's ONLINE, it should be cake, right? Wrong. It's not cake. I am sitting on the floor right now next to my printer waiting for about 50 pages to print out of powerpoint handouts and assignment guidelines. And then later, after this is done and I get ready, I will go to the campus library to watch a video for this class. "You mean watch a video online, right Scarlet?" Oh no, this is a ghetto VHS I have to check out from the library and watch while in the library. Don't worry, you are totally with me if you're thinking, "Shouldn't everything"

And is it just me or is it weird to have powerpoint slides when there is no lecture? Isn't the purpose of powerpoint to serve as an aide for a speaker/lecturer? Don't they teach you in PP101 not to put all of your information on the slide? It's supposed to provide the framework for what you are talking about and it serves as a way to show visuals and charts and graphs and stuff. Am I right or am I right? Am I asking too many questions in this paragraph? When was the last time I used a declarative sentence?

I guess, since it's entirely possibly my professor could read this, I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she had these slides prepared from a non-online course and it's easier just to give them to us that way than to reformat them some other way. I guess I'm still just bitter from the $100 book.

I really don't like classes.