Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Perform

Group dance

"Take Me to the River" by Annie Lenox

Choreographed by Mandy Moore

I think the group dance lose something when on TV. You don't get a full sense of the unison (or lack thereof) and instead of deciding who to focus on, the camera angles do that for you. So, this piece is decent, but really I just want to get to the regular dances.

Okie dokie, who is in the bottom: Bridget, Marquet, Brooklyn, Serge (NOOOO!), Tanisha, Zack

Valerie and Ricky dancing Bollywood:

"Dilliwaali Girlfriend"

Choreographed by Dev

Bollywood routines always remind me of working out. I feel tired just from watching it! They did a great job and kept the energy up the entire time, which is insane.

Bridget and Emilio dancing contemporary:

"The Leaving Song" by Chris Garneau

Choreographed by Travis Wall

BRB. Back. The only way to watch a Travis Wall routine is with 100% attention! Man, that was INCREDIBLE! I loved every single second of that. EVERY SINGLE SECOND! That rivaled the bench routine Travis Wall did  a few years ago. Wow!

Tanisha and Rudy dancing hip hop:

"Good Kisser" by Usher

Choreographed by Dave Scott

Whoa! Those shoes! Wowza, I can't take my eyes off them. Her outfit is INSANE and I think they're both really connecting with the audience and each other. This routine totally reminds me of a Beyonce song with the super fluid moments and then the hot beats. Tanisha really went all out so mad props to her.

Marcquet and Jessica dancing smooth foxtrot:

"I Put a Spell on You" by Nina Simone

Choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin

Great song! Her dress is beautiful. I liked this dance because it had a lot of strong moments. I, to be honest, don't know much about the foxtrot part of it, but I liked the overall effect a lot.

Carly and Serge dancing contemporary:

"Foolish Games" by Jewel

Choreographed by Mandy Moore

 OMG JEWEL- I LOVE THIS SONG! I reallllly liked this. And that ending when she went down like that until he helped with just hit foot? Amazing. Carly is so good and y'all know I love Serge.

Teddy and Emily dancing salsa:

"Bruk it Down" by Mr. Vegas

Choreographed by Oksana and Jonathan

Is she slipping all over the place or am I imagining it? This is okay, but I don't feel like their movements are matching the energy of the music.

Jacque and Zack dancing jazz:

"Back to Black" Beyonce

Choreographed by Sonja T

Loooove this song, too. Loving this! And that moment when he did that roll thing down almost onto her was so cool. I really really liked this! And such a great song!!!! YES.

Casey and Brooklyn dancing hip hop:

"Hustle Has Remix" Ace Hood

Choreographed by Willdabeast

I am so distracted by his shorts. It looks like he refused to wear the costume and put on shorts to cover up the spandex. Otherwise, I enjoyed this routine.

Group Routine dancing a Sonja T number:

"So Broken" by Bjork

No words. That was amazing. YouTube it.

Group Routine dancing a Travis Wall number:

"Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic

Ooooooh also good, but in a completely opposite way, which is awesome! So much fun!
 (I totally agree with Misty that Ricky stood out in that!)

LUCY HALE! She is on Pretty Little Liars, therefore, I love her. Hmm, her voice doesn't sound like how I would expect it! I was expecting it to be higher pitched. OMG, where is A?

So, who is going home???? I'm sad! I like so many of them. Okay, bye bye, Marcquet and Brooklyn.

Until next week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance! 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated (Part 2)

Remember when I started that Top 20 episode and then had to go to work or something? Well, I'm finally watching!

Emily and Teddy dancing hip hop:

"Don't" by Ed Sheeran

Choreographed by Dave Scott

Love this song! I like this routine, but it comes across a little cheesy and I think it's because of their costumes. They're kind of awful. Also, Teddy really likes to shake his hips. It's a fun routine, but I have to admit that I just rewatched the Serge/Carly routine before watching this hip hop and, well, theirs was breathtaking and this was just fun.

Stanley and Malene dancing broadway:

"I've Got Your Number" by Nancy Wilson

Choreographed by Spencer Liff

They seem perfect for broadway. Wow! I kind of really liked this! The phones worked out really well. It was a bit limiting for them, but the end picked back up and it finished strong. Also, Malene looks incredible! Her hair and makeup is awesome.

Marcquet and Jourdan dancing jazz:

"Work Work" by Britney Spears

Choreographed by Sean Cheesman

Love Brit Brit! Wow! Love that splits move when he flipped her around. This routine seems a bit frantic, but it's also working for me. I'm curious what the judges will say...Misty pointed out that Jourdan is a ballerina and OMG I had totally forgotten!

Brooklyn and Casey dancing Argentine Tango:

"Gallo Ciego" by Luis Bravo

Choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo

ZOMG love the tango. Love the music for the tango! Gorgeous. My guess is that Mary tells him to put his shoulders down;) Loved this. I'm pretty much always going to love the tango. I have to admit that I rewatched this and I am so glad I did. There were so many details in this dance that they just nailed. I highly suggest YouTube-ing it.

Zack and Jacque dancing African Jazz:

"Dibiza" by Danny Tenaglia

Choreographed by Sean Cheesman

OOooh, I really liked this!!!!!! OMG so much fun! I thought this was awesome. It was so great how it went from being so pumped up and then into these super fluid lifts. And they both danced so well. Nick and Malena had to go:(

Now, back to current stuff:) Thanks for reading!