Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Royal We

I guess I'm an anglophile...and I'm okay with that.

It's not that I don't love America and where I live, but there are a lot of things from across the pond that I'm a wee bit obsessed with: history of the monarchy, fish and chips, rain, Burberry coats, the bloody accents, tea, the dramas, the bands...I could go on and on. It's a culture that's close to my own, but with an air of just a little more excitement*, a lot more history, and did I mention the accents? Oh, and duh, Kate Middleton.

THE ROYAL WE, the latest from Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, which I just finished has left me with a bit of a book hangover. And now, with my lowered defenses, my constant desire to visit (live?) in London has come on in full force.

The book is great! It's a wonderfully entertaining story about an American who falls in love with a prince and then is thrust into a new type of existence. It's very "ripped from the headlines" and I loved how researched the entire thing was. When Bex, the main character, visits somewhere for the first time, it was described so well that I felt like I was there with her. When she meets the royal family, I felt like I was meeting them, too. There are a lot of pop culture references that I enjoyed, but there are also a ton of what may or may not be references to the current royal family in England.

I can't say enough good things about this book and for anyone that loves the UK, a good love story, and smart writing, this is the book for you.

Now, who wants to go to London with me?


*Because it's not my own.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

(Not) The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

We had a really good winter this year.

I know what some of you are thinking- What!? It was freezing for almost two months straight! And yeah, I would agree. And it was awesome!

I love winter. I love cold weather.

Having two solid months of appropriately cold winter weather was so awesome. Especially since we've had some really mild winters recently. A snow here or there does not make a winter. Constant, cold air is winter in my world. I got to wear sweaters this year! I got to wear two scarves sometimes! It was awesome.

And being pushed off a cliff, it ended. One week it was in the 20s and the next, it was pushing 60. It was a big change. I still craved cashmere. I still wanted to wear tights! I'm still not ready to say goodbye to my winter coat.

But I admit that a few of our days have been pleasant in the past two weeks. One day especially when it was around 50 with a partly cloudy sky. I drank that crisp, cool air up like it was water. I was into it!

And then, instead of being pushed off a cliff, I was forced into a microwave. For 8+ hours at a time. Much to my horror (but not my surprise), work still had the heat on.


And now, a week into this transition period from the frigid, cold air of winter, to what will eventually be the sticky hot of summer, we have what could be described as lovely outside to most people. Even I, the biggest lover of winter there is, can enjoy a pleasant day in the 50s, but I won't be enjoying it because I have to go to work. And at work, it's a big box of warm, stagnant air. It is uncomfortably warm at work.

In a first world problem sort of way, it's also completely unfair.

Virginia gets very few weeks a year when it's not too cold*, it's not too warm, and it's also not humid- Hallelujah! And it bums me out that I can't enjoy it because for 40 hours a week, until some HVAC guy comes and gets on the roof to switch from heat to AC (!!!), I have to be miserable all day long.

Why is this okay?

So, thanks, work, for making this time of year completely miserable. Thanks a lot.

*In my opinion it's never too cold.