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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

List Form:

  • I can't find my copy of Breaking Dawn. I hope they introduce a new character because I don't like Edward or Jacob....but today I read the synopsis and already know a little of what happens-oops!
  • I had a horrible day at work the other day. I was literally exhausted and it was just too much at one point. My boos helped me out, though. Especially one. <3
  • Me, Terra, Serena, and Ali are going white water rafting this Saturday! I have never been and am uber excited.
  • Ali and I are going to The OC on Sunday! OMG. Beyond excited for that.
  • So You Think You Can Dance ends tonight=/ I'm sad Katee didn't win. I like Joshua and Twitch, but she's the best dancer in my opinion.
  • I am bored with Starbucks. They need to introduce new flavors and smoothies.
  • The Faint CD is a lot of fun.
  • I love salad.
  • Mad Men is the best show on TV now that SYTYCD has ended (congrats, Joshua!), but Gilmore Girls is still the best show ever:)
  • I had chocolate covered blueberries from Maine and they were hella good.
  • Twitter cracks me up. It provides endless entertainment for me.
  • I ate non-fried calamari and it was interesting and GOOD.
  • I have to pack tonight. Gah!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hot Freaks

I missed last week’s because TiVo was mad at me.

Chelsie and Mark dancing salsa: I love this couple! I really like her, I think she’s precious. Loved the dance as it seemed super intricate and upbeat. I think they’re really good about enjoying it while they dance and it comes across that way. Woop! “I want to stab you, you’re so gorgeous” (Mia) hahah!

Comfort and Thayne dancing hip hop: Yuck, I do not like he, but I do love these choreographers! OK, the beginning was awesome and then it kind of died on me…until the weird simulated sex part. I think that the choreography was better than the dancing.

Jessica and Will dancing contemporary: You know what I haven’t done yet? I haven’t guessed who is sleeping together yet! What do you think-Jessica and Will? Oh yeah, the dance- Whoa I just realized he’s wearing nothing. Yabbo! She has gorgeous hair, I heart it. Oh my…this routine was intense. I think I liked it. I was a little distracted by the lack of clothing (not necessarily in a bad way, ha, he’s hot), but overall, really great. Oh and by the way, I totally think they’re doing it.

Courtney and Gev dancing cha cha: Choreographed by Anya and Pasha-interesting. Wait, Gev is Russian? Did I know this? Loving her dress-that’s so pretty! I think Gev is amazing. I can’t even remember what his original style is. I kind of groaned at the music at first, but it’s a remix so that’s a lot better and more fresh. Wow! Great job in my opinion. And they are NOT sleeping together, but he really wants to.

Kherington and Twitch krumping (or is it crumping?): I think their tactic was to pour her into those pants so no one watched the dancing! Ok, I love this couple. Anything they do is great for me. And remember what I said about wack hip hop costumes? They did a good job with these. Totally believable. Love them!

Katee and Joshua dancing the waltz: GORGEOUS beginning. I love the idea behind this dance. I think that to sell the waltz, they HAVE to have a story. Aw, I love this couple, too.

Chelsie and Mark dancing broadway: Yummm, hot music. Hott outfits. Wow, they are always having wardrobe problems0did you catch when her outfit caught on his suspender? I am in love with the blue of her dress. Woohoooooooooo I love them!!!!!!

Comfort and Thayne dancing contemporary: Hmmm….I’m not sure. I think he’s amazing and I think she’s come a long way, but they aren’t great together. Not cool to what Nigel said, though. That was way harsh. I think Thayne kicked it so shut up, judges! Comfort has pretty eyes, though. WHY IS HER NAME COMFORT?????? Aw….props to Mia for saying nice things about Thayne. She should definitely go home this week.

Jessica and Will dancing the quick step: (You notice him slap her ass? Hott.) Awesome synchronicity in the opening. Her dress is so pretty I would wear it tomorrow if I could. Hot splits in the middle choreography. They seem a bit cautious, though. They also seem to be a little tired, but I am liking the routine. I think they’re a cute couple. What I like about this couple is that they make fun of themselves. They aren’t too serious and it makes me like them even more.

Courtnee and Gev dancing jazz: I am not always a fan of a prop. Wow, cool opening sequence. Oooh, I like this one! Very entertaining, at least. Maybe didn’t showcase them enough, I dunno. I liked it.

Kherington and Twitch dancing a smooth tango: YAY THEY ARE DANCING TO AWESOME MUSIC. It feels a little slow to me, but I love them so I don’t careJ This didn’t grab me like some other routines, but they’re so good otherwise that they better make it through.

Katee and Joshua dancing bollywood: I am excited about this new style! She is gorgeous in this style! He kicks it, too. Wow, I LIKE THIS A LOT. It’s so energetic! And bad ass for a dance number to require knee pads;)

I think Comfort and who knows who will be kicked off. The guys are all too good.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Mary…what the hell are you wearing?

1. Chelsea and Hayne dancing jazz: I love a dance that a) tells a story, b) is dark and c) involves interesting movements so basically, I like this dance. Although, as it goes on, it seems like they are doing more posing than dancing. Tsk tsk. I agree with the judges.

2. Mark and Chelsie dancing argentine tango: Looooove the tango. Super sexy. Wow! Not only was her outfit super hott, but the leg moves were off the hook. I love love love this dance. I really like these two. I like how quirky he is and how cherubic she is (stealing their word, haha). Man, this tango was so good. Oh, and her last name is Hightower, which is beyond Police Academy cool!

3. Jessica and Will dancing hip hop: Ok, usually the worst part about the hip hop routines are the outfits because they often will look just ridiculous. That said, I really liked this dance! It was so smooth, but still badass. Mia is right thought, that Will really stood out and Jessica seemed more like a cheerleader doing a routine. I think it can be tough for some of these girls (and guys) who are used to looking pretty on stage to make it believable when they dance hip hop. Cool routine, though. Does she remind you of

4. Kourtni and Matt dancing the fox trot: I really like him and she is okay. Love the green dress! Do NOT love Michael Buble, gross. I like how light and flighty this dance is. They seem like they’re at a club in the 20s just having a good ol’ time.

5. Courtney and Gev dancing contemporary: She is so into that she’s bringing me into it. Awesome move where she ran up his leg. I am not sure he did enough to keep him there if they end up in the bottom three, but I think people will vote for the routine because it was so pretty and intense. I don’t think he did a bad job, it just didn’t stand out for me…but I think people will vote for it.

6. Katee and Joshua dancing broadway: This is another dance (like jazz) where I prefer it to be darker and I tend to not like it when it’s cheesy. Ok, the song is HORRIBLE-I hate 90% of musicals. I love the flexed foot moves. The cane addition is very good, though. She has a great face for broadway dancing. I like this dance a lot, but I can’t help but recoil at the thought of having to sit through the whole musical, haha. I like them both-they’re adorable.

7. Susie and Marquis dancing salsa: How old is she? And Alex de Silva is wearing some HOTT pants, wowzers. That hand stand move was cool. Reminds me of the Sabra one from last year. I love this music and the dance is good…I bet they will get dawged on the footwork and be given props for the lifts.

8. Kherington and Twitch dancing viennese waltz: Dammit the satellite is going out. Oh this is gorgeous! Celine Dion is super cheese, but the fact that he was inspired by the song means a lot. The white outfits are breathtaking. Oh my goodness, when he holds her at the end I seriously teared up. I don’t care how they danced it, I loved it.

9. Comfort and Chris krumping: Oh I have such a crush on 50. I like him, but would be okay with her leaving. I liked the dance, it was fun.

OK…kicked off will be…and I am totally guessing: Chelsea, Hayne, Susie, or Marquis.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They're So Hot

Just like last are my So You Think You Can Dance thoughts!

Rayven (I mean Molly Shannon) and Jamie dancing hip hop:

Dude, she’s 28 so I automatically like her. And she’s a ballerina, which is cool. Ok, so the dance. . .The best parts were the beginning and the splits move. Major points taken away for pulling his pants down and the crotch grabbing. It’s just cheesy and not very classy.

Susie and Marquis dancing smooth waltz (bust for them):

He tried out in DC so that’s where his bonus points come from. I’m not so sure about her yet. And I rarely like the smooth waltz. I just don’t think it’s memorable until the dancer’s are more well-known. It helps that he is such a smooth dancer and she cleans up well, but I think they’ll need to hope her students all vote to keep them in the competition. They had some obvious mess ups (the lift), but it looked difficult so props.

Kourtni L. (wtf with the spelling?) and Matt dancing jazz:

I’m not sure about her. I love her dancing, but something about her annoys me. Do you think choreographer Mandy Moore gets teased about “Candy” a lot? Anyway, they’re talking about their tallness-so now I like both of them more. See, it’s wicked early in the competition so I’m using anything to pick favorites. Oh dude, hott song and the oufits may be even hotter. Is this the same song Sabra and Neil danced to on the table? She kind of looks like Neil now that I think about it…ok, cool routine. Like the jazz. It’s snazzy! (I think I really like Matt. He’s cute.)

Chelsea T. (who reminds me of Nina) and Hayne (cool name) dancing the cha cha:

The cha cha is a smokin’ dance so I am excited to see this. I think she’s really pretty, but sometimes she looks a little tranny, I hate to say it. Super hott dance, though! I really liked it and they kicked it on the execution.

Sidenote: Can we put a moratorium on the “hot tamale train”? PLEASE.

Chelsie H. and Mark dancing contemporary:

Lucky bitches dancing with Mia Michaels, although I bet it’s wicked tough choreography. Wow, harsh criticism in the intro so let’s see. Haha, he totally kissed her! This is a very interesting dance with some neato moves. The dress is kind of huge, though. I would have calmed that down. Weird ending! (In a good way.) I like her. . . Not sure about him so far. I like his quirkiness, but he seems like a loose cannon.

Kherington and Twitch dancing broadway:

I like them! Great couple. Oh wow! I liked this routine so much I had to wait until it was over to type!!!! So hott.

Comfort and Chris dancing the jive:

Her name is not real, right? And did she have braces at the auditions? I’m confused. “Me and Chris is gonna kill it.” Yabbo! Anyway, the beginning of the dance is super cool! He reminds me a tiny bit of Benji actually, which could turn out to be a bad thing, haha! I think they did a very good job! I enjoyed it. I like her dancing, but I wish she wouldn’t speak.

Katee (two “e”s, really?) and Joshua dancing hip hop:

The idea for the routine sounds cool. I do NOT lke Jordan Sparks, but Chris Brown is awesome (2 up, 2 down). That move where she “pulls” him up is great. I like this one a lot. Woop! Aw and the trading of the shirt at the end was a nice touch. Love!

Jessica and Will dancing the tango:

I like these two A LOT and am excited to see them dance the tango. (Oh and she wears big earrings! Points!) I might have a crush on him, by the way. She is smiling a bit much for this “sexy” routine, but I think they’re doing a good job otherwise. I think the camera angels covered up a little bauble she had, by the way. Awesome ending!

Courtney G. and Gev dancing disco:

She dances for the Knicks-that’s pretty cool (By the way, GO LAKERS!) and he wears chartreuse, which is also bad ass. Loooovin’ the disco! It’s always so entertaining. I can’t believe Nigel doesn’t like it, but I’m glad Mary and Dan gave it positive comments. I thought they did a great job! I can’t imagine having to listen to Earth, Wind And Fire all week in rehearsal-*shudder*!

So what did you guys think???

I honestly have no idea who will get voted off. My only thought is that the smooth waltzers are in trouble just because that’s such a tough dance to get votes with.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Push It

The Top Eight Dance!

Sara and Danny:

I think their first dance was smokin'. The Argentine Tango is sexay and hott merely by definition and add in those boots and it ends up being one super cool dance. I do get sick of seeing Danny do turns in every single dance. YES, We know he can do them well. The human pretzel thing was awesome.

I love love loved that they used Salt-N-Pepa for their hip hop. And I don't care what anyone says, those costumes were perfect for the dance. I found some of their moves just too cheesy, though, and I'm not sure if that was the 90s feel or just cheesy moves. I think they should get bonus points for air brushed shirts!

Dominic and Lauren:

In the Krump routine I was excited that they danced to 50 cent! Or 25 Pence as Nigel called him. I loved how the choreography picked out all of those bass beats in the music. Very cool! And I do think Lauren did an awesome job covering up that fall.

I do have to agree that I still don't know what the Rumba is. The dance is really good, but it does seem to be a lot of poses. I don't mind, though, I loved it! Minus the costuming, it reminded me of what could have been an extra scene from Dirty Dancing. And after hours dance, of course. And HOLY HELL they totally kissed at the end of that. That got my vote. Wow!

Lacey and Neil:

Didn't see their first dance bc of the breaking news report. I do think it's important to break in with important news, but they showed it for way too long.

Okay, yes this piece was sentimental and pretty, but the dancing did not catch me. It got me because of seeing the people afterwards who were crying. It seemed as though the judges couldn't have critiqued had they wanted to since it was so special to Mia Michaels.

Sabra and Pasha:

I don't like the Broadway dances. Maybe because I'm not a big fan of musicals with lame dances*. I am also getting sick of Sabra. Yes, she's good, but she's not God's gift and I find myself hoping she gets poor critiques. I like Pasha, but he still doesn't stand out for me.

Sick.of.Sabra. I am glad this Quick Step isn't boring, though. The costumes were great! I think they did a good job with this dance. I never ever ever want to dance a Quick Step.

So who will be sent home tonight? I have NO idea, but my guesses are:

Pasha and Sara (Although I can totally see any of the guys going home, to be honest.)

*I like the ones like Cabaret and Chicago. The more gritty ones.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Point Of View

So we're down to the Top 10! I would say this is when it gets good, but So You Think You Can Dance has been amazing for weeks now. Tonight they changed things up a lot as they had each dancer perform the same Wade Robson solo as well as a dance with a new partner. So, thoughts:

Lauren and Pasha dancing hip hop to "Fuego" by Pitbull:

Awesome beginning! I love how they're movements were so on the music. I think they did a great job and the choreography was hella good. What fun! My only problem with the hip hop routines is usually they're outfits, which can come off as too comical sometimes.

Solo #1: Jaimie:

She is obviously good. I agreed later on with Nigel when he said he didn't get her emotion from the dance. I think maybe that she looked so different in this dance that it was liking watching someone new and not the Jaimie we've been seeing all of these weeks. Because, she did a good job, but it wasn't memorable.

Solo #2: Domonic:

He looks a little bit like he's tied to a bungee cord and keeps bouncing around because of that. Again, he does a good job, but this is the Top 10 so of course everyone is going to do well. I like him, though.

Sabra and Kameron dancing contemporary to "Amazing Grace" by Crystal Lewis:

I think Sabra is awesome, but I'm worried she's going to get on my nerves soon. Quit squealing! Okay, this dance, of course, is gorgeous. It's slow, but at the same time not boring and it was so fluid that it was an ease to watch. I think it would have been interesting to see them in something ballroom.

Solo #3: Sarah:

I really Sarah because she's so gangsta and then she comes out and dances incredibly in all of the other styles. I also like that she just seems bigger than some of the other scrawny girls on stage. It's the gangsta thing.

Solo #4: Pasha:

I bet he was terrified to have to dance this solo since he's a ballroom guy. He does an okay job, but it's obvious he doesn't have the moves and extension in his arsenal. He also looked a little confused at the end. But I still like him. Go Russians!

Lacey and Danny dancing the samba to Hip Hip Chin Chin by Club Des Belugas:

Oh, Dmitry! Hott. This dance is SO sexay. I really like Lacey because she's got a little bit of dirty whore in her and I think it's great. And Danny did really well, too, and I want him to stay for sure now. He showed that he's not just out there doing well what he we already know he does well-does that make sense? Wow...this dance=Wow!

Solo #5: Lauren:

I think Lauren is really good and, like Nigel points out, she dances with the music quite well. This is so tough because I want EVERYONE to keep making it! Lauren seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. She's so giggly!

Solo #6: Neil:

Wow, he sure can jump and leap! I think he has one of the best solos, but something about it doesn't make it stand out as much as it should. Hmmm.

Solo #7: Sabra:

I like that she connected with the audience in the begining, but honestly, otherwise it was just another solo for me. I know the judges said it was awesome, but it was still just another dance to me. Maybe I'm trying to find something negative about Sabra since everything else is so positive?

Solo #8: Kameron:

I am really beginning to know this song pretty well:) I can see what they mean about his lack of extension, but I think he puts a lot into his dancing. He, too, connected with the audience a little more than the others. And he has hott hair.

Jaimie and Dominic dancing the Viennese Waltz:

YUCK! I HATE THIS STYLE OF DANCING! At least the choreographer changed it up a little and added some much needed flair...too bad the judges hated it. I guess they were a little too cheesey in their roles, but as a viewer, I appreciated that because the viennese waltz usually is like another commercial break to me. At least this time I watched it.

Solo #9: Lacey:

Good enough. Nothing spectacular. Honestly, I'm a little sick of watching the same dance for the 9th time!

Solo #10: Danny:

See, now he stood out. It's obviously how technically good he is after watching his perform this solo. AND he connects with the audience. Good job, Danny!

Sarah and Neil dancing the disco:

Seems like Sarah is always getting these upbeat dances. I think they did an awesome job and the dance was smokin'! I am liking Neil and his Used-Car Salesman look. I think it works for him and especially in this dance. Sarah also has a good performance expression-she smiles, but it's believable and not just there because she knows she should.

Who should get kicked off?

Jaimie and Dominic? Or Kameron. Oh, I don't know!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Same Old Song And Dance

So we're down to 10 dancers and it happened before I could even blog about last week's dances! So, since the pairs are splitting up, I'll analyze each individually:

Danny- He is soooooo good, but there is something about him that is too smooth. I love to watch him dance, but I tend to not care much more about him. As I can say about 80% of the dancers, he sometimes doesnt' stand out enough. Dancing alone, unfortunately, won't bring it. Props for being tall, though.

Dominic- I like him, but I wouldn't fight to keep him there. I think he will leave soon if he's in the bottom three. Although, now that he won't be paired with Sabra, maybe he will stand out more. And actually, his jokes in the interviews annoy me a little. A crush on Cat Deely? Boorrring.

Jaimie- Yes, she has good lines. Yes, she's a good dancer. But would someone please shut her up??

Kameron- I really like him and maybe it's because he has that red mohawk:) I want him to stay around longer. He's one of my favorites, I think. I wonder how he'll do with another partner. Like, imagine him with Jaimie dancing hip hop-WEIRD!

Lacey- Hearing about her smelly weave was kinda gross. She's a great dancer and also really stands out. I can actually see her winning if she continues to get good dances.

Lauren- I know some people don't like her, but I don't mind her. She looks tiny when she danced her solo, which kind of surprised me. Is she shorter than "5'3"" Jaimie? She also danced to Christina Aguilera, which resulted in bonus points from me. Can she make it to the end? I don't think so. She needs to stand out more.

Neil- I think he's cute and very animated. He also has incredible jumps and spins. I liked their Mia Michael's contemporary last week. I loved when they looked bouncey-if that makes any sense. I tend to like the guys who dance contemporary or jazz as their main styles. Like last year, when I wanted Travis to beat Benji.

Pasha- A hott Russian. Huzzah! He's a great dancer and partner, but I worry for when he has to dance his solo. Ballroom dancer solos suck.

Sabra- I love Sabra! She's funny and personable and dances everything well. I take it as a good sign with these dancers when I forget what their regular dance style is. Can Sabra make it to the end? Ummm, I think so, but she needs to continue having awesome choreography!

Sarah- The 80s dance was awesome. I don't much care for her solos, though. I have been impressed with her dancing in the other styles. She wore earrings I own last week! Cool. I'm not sure if she can make it to the end.

I am already looking forward to next week when they will be paird up differently!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And Your Bird Can Sing

So You Think You Can Dance?

Well, let's jump right into it, shall we!?

Sara and Jesus krumping:

I still don't even know what krumping is. And Lil' C..who? Anyway, I thought this dance was hott. I love how badass Sara is and this song is hard and hott as well. Sometimes the moves for the krumping or hip hop routines seem super cliche and cheesy, but I thought this routine did a good job at (now it's in my head and I have to say it) keeping it real.

Shauna and Cedric dancing contemporary:

Nothing like hearing, "The stakes are high!" right before you dance, eh? I think the judges were right on with their analysis of this routine. Mia Michaels definitely choreographed something that was perfect for them, which showcased what Shauna can do and hid what Cedric can not. I think Shauna is really good, although her flinging blonde hair distracts me. Cedric's fake crying was also a bit much for me, too.

Lacey and Kameron dancing the quick step:

Yeah, I usually dread when this dance is chosen because it can be almost painful to watch. I think they did a great job with it and the choreography was finally something more exciting than just the couples running around the stage (nevermind if that's what the dance should be.) I also really liked Lacey's dress! Benji is such a dork screaming from the audience, by the way.

Anya and Danny dancing hip hop:

I actually thought they looked off in this routine. I think he did a good job, but after the introduction when Anya said it was difficult for her to count the routine, it was all I could think about as they danced and I felt like she didnt really feel it as well as he did. The flip over her arm thing was way cool, though. I expected the judges to be harsher with them.

Sabra and Dominic dancing the rumba:

Wowzers was this dance smokin'! It cracks me up that they danced to the Pussycat Dolls. I also was a little worried the judges would say they didn't dance enough and just posed, but then I realized that I don't even know what makes a rumba the dance that is is. They hit some spectacular poses, moves, and lines, though. I loved the smile they let out when they knew they had hit that difficult move at the end:)

Lauren and Neil dancing the tango:

I think her dress detracted from the dance. It was just too much. The use of the chairs at the beginning of the dance was very cool and I think they did a good job, but it was just missing something. Some parts seemed super awkward on his part and then she seemed overdressed for the cool things she was doing. And they kept describing it as a cat and mouse dance, but I saw none of that in the choreography. The ending was super cool.

Jaimie and Hok dancing jazz:

Holy shite was this dance amazing! Wade is hella good. And to use this amazing piece of music performed by, and correct me if I'm wrong, Itzhak Perlman that is exquisite. This is yet another dance made perfectly for who performed it. I love Hok's quirky little movements that were just like a hummingbird and how Jaimie seemed to stand so tall, like a flower. LOVES IT!

Pasha and "Bette Midler" dancing the cha cha:

Can I tell you how much I loved it when the lights were set on Pasha and his new partner for the night. This woman had balls to get out there and do that even if she is a choreographer dancer already. Pasha's a hott dancer and he has that awesome little move he can do with his hips-smokin'! I wonder how much they changed of the routine once they found out Jessi couldn't peform because they definitely didn't do all of the lifts and stuff. Melanie and Pasha did get pretty sensual, though, which I'm sure she was excited about...I know I would have been.

One other thing...Who let that girl who was continually behind Cat Deely in the upper stand area wear that shirt with what had to have been bra straps? Fashion Police No No!

As for who is sleeping with who...I'm actually not sure yet, but I would venture a guess that Lauren and Neil are. Serena and Allie disagreed because of the lack of passion in their tango, but I referenced Friends when Chandler is afraid Kathy is cheating on him. Joey points out that if there's no chemistry on stage, then they're obviosuly sleeping together...I rest my case.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dancing Shoes

It is way too early to begin speculating on who is sleeping with who, so for now, my So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) reviews will have to be mostly about the dancing…and any other comments I feel like throwing out there.

A few thoughts before I review the pairs. One, Mary Murphy really needs to get laid and two, the storm caused the TV to go out for about 30 minutes and I’m not sure what I missed.

Lacey/Kameron/Contemporary: I do not like the moves when she looks like a dead, flopping fish. And I also do not like the moves where their arms look like they were electrocuted. What I do like is when she was seemingly flying through the air and bouncing off of him and the floor. I am a sucker for these contemporary dances.

Sabra/Dominic/Disco: I think it is incredibly tough to make the disco dances not just look like super cheese. They did an okay job. I found the best parts to be the lifts, spins, positions, and solo parts. Anytime they danced together I thought it was just “eh.”

Ashlee/Ricky/Argentine Tango: Um, he likes math, therefore I love him. That said, it is kind of an odd pairing since she is noticeably taller than him in heels. I think they do a mediocre job. Many of the moves are totally smokin’, but they did not connect the sexy moves together well enough. Poor Ashley, though, with Nigel saying she looks “so much bigger.” We all know what he means, but come on, buddy, phrase it differently!

Sara/Jesus/Pop Jazz (?): I love his choreography! I think this is one of the best routines of the night. Incredibly entertaining. I was worried the judges would pick on their synchronicity, but I think they were together more than they were off and it was a difficult routine.

Jessi/Pasha/Smooth Waltz: Vomit on song choice (Norah Jones). For a boring dance, I think they do a good job at making it seem very fluid and smooth. Although, her lack of pointing her foot keeps distracting me-Am I imagining that? Because no one points it out. (Haha, get it? “points”.)

Faina/Cedric/Hip Hop: I know nothing about hp hop except for knowing when they are not together in their moves. Cedric is very tall and lanky and I think that sometimes it made them seem more off than they really were. Unfortunately for this group, the song didn’t help them out at all. Eh, it was so-so.

Lauren/Neil/Salsa: I like these two. They looked to be a bit tired and I really wasn’t feeling Neil’s dancing until the end when they did those side-by-side steps. Until then he seemed more like a prop/flinger for Lauren, but he showed he can do the moves, too.

Shauna/Jimmy/Broadway: Broadway looks exhausting. They do a great job with facial expressions, but I can never really get into these Broadway dances. They bore me. Maybe because I am not a big fan of the music.

The following two couples are the ones I missed because of my TV going out. Please submit a review if you saw it!



Until next week!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dance In France

I was admittedy excited when I checked my TiVo's guide tonight and saw that So You Think You Can Dance? was back for the summer. Because not only do I have a TV show to be excited about each week, but I have something to BLOG about each week!!!!

Last year, about halfway through the season I started to blog my recaps and it was so much fun, talking about who was sleeping with who, who sucked, and who should move on to the next round.

Well, my friends, SYTYCD? is back and so are my recaps! Except that, I'm not a big fan of the audition rounds because I find them a tad boring. I don't care about backstories, or the ones who can't dance but 'think they can'. I think the highlight from tonight was that one guy who did hip hop or something and then danced to swing or something...ok, you can see I'm really not into it yet.

More to come, though!