Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

List Form:

  • I can't find my copy of Breaking Dawn. I hope they introduce a new character because I don't like Edward or Jacob....but today I read the synopsis and already know a little of what happens-oops!
  • I had a horrible day at work the other day. I was literally exhausted and it was just too much at one point. My boos helped me out, though. Especially one. <3
  • Me, Terra, Serena, and Ali are going white water rafting this Saturday! I have never been and am uber excited.
  • Ali and I are going to The OC on Sunday! OMG. Beyond excited for that.
  • So You Think You Can Dance ends tonight=/ I'm sad Katee didn't win. I like Joshua and Twitch, but she's the best dancer in my opinion.
  • I am bored with Starbucks. They need to introduce new flavors and smoothies.
  • The Faint CD is a lot of fun.
  • I love salad.
  • Mad Men is the best show on TV now that SYTYCD has ended (congrats, Joshua!), but Gilmore Girls is still the best show ever:)
  • I had chocolate covered blueberries from Maine and they were hella good.
  • Twitter cracks me up. It provides endless entertainment for me.
  • I ate non-fried calamari and it was interesting and GOOD.
  • I have to pack tonight. Gah!



dara said...

Both whitewater rafting and Mad Men are entirely too awesome for their own good. Enjoy.

Marissa said...

I totally agree with your stance on SYTYCD. I was so disappointed Katee didn't win!