Saturday, August 30, 2008

Peace The Fuck Out

I wish the presidential election was tomorrow.

I'm already sick of hearing opinions out the wazoo and it's difficult to keep up my "Ladies don't talk politics." The only opinions I want to hear are from people who actually know something and don't just repeat what they hear on the news or what their parents or Rolling Stone says.

In other news, the US Open is on, which equals love for me. I haven't picked who I am pulling for to win this year. We still have a week to go, though, so I have time.

In other other news, Serena recently got cats. I am not a cat all, but it has surprised me to find out how many people are. It baffles me. I'm hoping her kittens grow up to be cat-dogs (you know what I mean, right?), but the majority of cats are gross and I can't understand what people love about them. They slink around and try to get near your food. Dogs rule.

So, a vote: are you a cat or dog fan???



Courtney said...

cats 4 evah!

Miss Scarlet said...

Well, Moses is fine. Duh!

Ant said...

Cats rule. End of.


Veeda said...

I like cats too.

Miss Scarlet said...

I'm sorry, but have you guys ever seen a dog?

CBK said...

I like dogs a lot, and have two chihuahuas, but I love cats way more.

Marissa said...

ugh, i am so with you on the election stuff. and i'm a dog person all the way. i am kind of afraid of cats. it's an irrational fear...i have no idea why they scare me!

Randi said...

Cats are the spawn of Satan. I should know... it currently lives in my apartment!