Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All You Need Is Love

I started watching How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning last night and I love love love it! I had seen it before-whenever I was around when it came on, but never from the beginning.

Top 7.5 Reasons Why I Love This Show:
7.5. They drin...
7. It's legendary.
6. Quick, witty dialogue. It's like a fix for my lack of Gilmore Girls.
5. They phone-five.
4. The Freaks and Geeks guy.
3. Doogie!
2. Bob Saget rules
1. They're constantly meeting up at the bar. "Meet me in 15. Suit up!"

Anyone else a fan?



Robin Sparkles said...

How I Met Your Mother is - wait for it, wait for it:


CBK said...

I've loved it since it first came on. Unfortunately, it was on at the same time as Prisonbreak, which my wife loved. And we didn't have DVR then, so I missed a lot from the first and second seasons.