Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And Your Bird Can Sing

So You Think You Can Dance?

Well, let's jump right into it, shall we!?

Sara and Jesus krumping:

I still don't even know what krumping is. And Lil' C..who? Anyway, I thought this dance was hott. I love how badass Sara is and this song is hard and hott as well. Sometimes the moves for the krumping or hip hop routines seem super cliche and cheesy, but I thought this routine did a good job at (now it's in my head and I have to say it) keeping it real.

Shauna and Cedric dancing contemporary:

Nothing like hearing, "The stakes are high!" right before you dance, eh? I think the judges were right on with their analysis of this routine. Mia Michaels definitely choreographed something that was perfect for them, which showcased what Shauna can do and hid what Cedric can not. I think Shauna is really good, although her flinging blonde hair distracts me. Cedric's fake crying was also a bit much for me, too.

Lacey and Kameron dancing the quick step:

Yeah, I usually dread when this dance is chosen because it can be almost painful to watch. I think they did a great job with it and the choreography was finally something more exciting than just the couples running around the stage (nevermind if that's what the dance should be.) I also really liked Lacey's dress! Benji is such a dork screaming from the audience, by the way.

Anya and Danny dancing hip hop:

I actually thought they looked off in this routine. I think he did a good job, but after the introduction when Anya said it was difficult for her to count the routine, it was all I could think about as they danced and I felt like she didnt really feel it as well as he did. The flip over her arm thing was way cool, though. I expected the judges to be harsher with them.

Sabra and Dominic dancing the rumba:

Wowzers was this dance smokin'! It cracks me up that they danced to the Pussycat Dolls. I also was a little worried the judges would say they didn't dance enough and just posed, but then I realized that I don't even know what makes a rumba the dance that is is. They hit some spectacular poses, moves, and lines, though. I loved the smile they let out when they knew they had hit that difficult move at the end:)

Lauren and Neil dancing the tango:

I think her dress detracted from the dance. It was just too much. The use of the chairs at the beginning of the dance was very cool and I think they did a good job, but it was just missing something. Some parts seemed super awkward on his part and then she seemed overdressed for the cool things she was doing. And they kept describing it as a cat and mouse dance, but I saw none of that in the choreography. The ending was super cool.

Jaimie and Hok dancing jazz:

Holy shite was this dance amazing! Wade is hella good. And to use this amazing piece of music performed by, and correct me if I'm wrong, Itzhak Perlman that is exquisite. This is yet another dance made perfectly for who performed it. I love Hok's quirky little movements that were just like a hummingbird and how Jaimie seemed to stand so tall, like a flower. LOVES IT!

Pasha and "Bette Midler" dancing the cha cha:

Can I tell you how much I loved it when the lights were set on Pasha and his new partner for the night. This woman had balls to get out there and do that even if she is a choreographer dancer already. Pasha's a hott dancer and he has that awesome little move he can do with his hips-smokin'! I wonder how much they changed of the routine once they found out Jessi couldn't peform because they definitely didn't do all of the lifts and stuff. Melanie and Pasha did get pretty sensual, though, which I'm sure she was excited about...I know I would have been.

One other thing...Who let that girl who was continually behind Cat Deely in the upper stand area wear that shirt with what had to have been bra straps? Fashion Police No No!

As for who is sleeping with who...I'm actually not sure yet, but I would venture a guess that Lauren and Neil are. Serena and Allie disagreed because of the lack of passion in their tango, but I referenced Friends when Chandler is afraid Kathy is cheating on him. Joey points out that if there's no chemistry on stage, then they're obviosuly sleeping together...I rest my case.



Serena said...

I'm not sure I should be allowed to comment on your SYTYCD posts bc I'm worried about over commenting. : )

I always judge my favorites by who makes me tear up because they did so good. Last night's faves are: Sabra and Dominic, Hok and Jamie, Anya and Danny, and Sara and Jesus. Definitely in my bottom two would be Shauna and Cedric and Lauren and Neil.

As for that tango, it actually bored me. I found myself zoning out, which is not good. Tango is usually such a sizzling hottttt dance, and I didn't see it last night. You're so right on that dress, too. Maybe that was part of the problem. It was so ugly I could barely stand to look at it.

Who's boning who? My vote is on Kameron and Lacey.

Katie Alender said...

Ack! You're making me so sorry I'm not being faithful to this show this year.

Anonymous said...

that melanie lady who danced with pasha was melanie lapatin. she's a former world champion in latin dance with tony meredith, so she's not just a choreographed dance person with balls. she's former world champion. but my favorite was hok & jaimie. then sabra & dominic.

Anonymous said...

oh & i liked kameron & lacey too. i loved her dress!

Anonymous said...

SVR, it's been forever since I've commented on your blog. Of course SYTYCD is gonna bring me back!!!

1. Benji is a HUGE dork the way he sreams for Lacey from the audience...but I still love him...

2. I thought there was going to be a smack-down between (CRAZY ASS) Mary and Mia Michaels last night. But it was totally obvious Mia was trying to give Cedric an easy pass to the next round because she won't be there to convince the head judge (OMG his name just fell out of my head) to keep him.

3. Wade Robsen is a genius

4. I think Jess will still be sick, and therefore will have to go home, and I think Cedric's gone. Although Neil SUCKED at his tango too.


Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Never hold back! I don't have comment rules:) I'm the same way by judging by tears and goosebumps.

Katie Alender- Haha, Start watching!

Anon- Yeah, a former world champion, but she's obvi not in worl champion form and not a stick like the women competing in the competition. I still say it took balls to get on TV and dance.

Cindy- Good call on Mia. I figured she made it easier for him, but didn't put it together that she had fought for him to stay. Interesting! I'm kinda over Cedric now after his stupid motivational speeches. Blech!

Senor Beavis said...

I haven't seen this show and won't, but you should watch Mad Hot Ballroom. I was reminded when I saw mention of rumba.