Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Pollen got the best of me last night. After paying our respects and saying goodbye to Serena's Sidekicks (more on this later) out in nature, I was done for. Drinking beer seemed to help a little, but once I left Allie's I was miserable from the constant feeling like I was going to sneeze. I hate to sneeze.

It has also left me with an awesome headache. I am hoping it goes away by 3pm, which is when my orchestra concert is. At least the concert is not in nature, eh?



Courtney Craig, DC said...

I hate to sneeze too! Everyone gets mad at me because I say 'bless you' before they get the sneeze out and that somehow makes them stop the sneeze. They get mad because they LIKE to sneeze and I somehow prevent it with the premature 'bless you.' Plus when I sneeze it really hurts because I can't really sneeze right. But wow, I'm glad you hate sneezing too.

Anonymous said...

I don't like sneezing either. Sometimes, it helps when you just want that tickle or annoying irritation out of your sinus cavity.

And I will punch anyone in the face that says something about sneezes being the closest thing to an orgasm.

Because, no.

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh yeah, sneezing SUCKS. People who like it are insane. And Kristbella, you are so right....and sneezing is NOT attractive, ugh.

minijonb said...

i feel your pain. my allergies are killing me right now.

Marissa said...

oh man i am right there with you. my allergies are awful right now. when i'm not sneezing i'm scratching my eyes. or holding my nose so i DONT sneeze! blech!

Beakerz said...

Maybe that's what's getting me: Pollen. Cause this evening, I've been kinda hacking up a lung and blamed it on the cat and his constant shedding.

Sorry kitty. I think Scarlet might be onto something. (Day 15? of not smoking)

Anonymous said...

You have sooooo many blogs, I almost didn't know which one to read! I just picked this one. Yeah, pollen sucks.