Thursday, June 07, 2007

Absolute Zero Drive

Top 7.5 Random Things I Like To See While Driving:

7.5. Higher speed li...
7. Cement truck
6. Minivans/SUVs with DVDs inside. I always try to see what they're watching and always hope it's p0rn because that would be hilarious.
5. Military truck caravans
4. Exit signs for Sonic
3. Cows, Horses, etc.
2. Hot air balloons, planes, hang gliders, etc.
1. Tour bus(s)es that I imagine my favorite bands being in.


Karen said...

FYI - watching porn in a dvd player in a car is illegal. I am an attorney and last month my law firm defended a guy who watching a porn in his car which was parked. Apparently the fact that other people could see through the windows makes porn watching a big no-no. However, I always look for it too.

Anonymous said...

I always look to see what people are watching.

But I'm usually trying to figure of what f'ing disney movie it is.

It's a wonder I don't just drive right into their rear ends some times.

Unknown said...

Oh Sonic. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

i miss sonic so much! i always go there straightaway from the airport when i fly home to texas for anything. must have a cherry limeade and some tots. or a corn dog. :)

Miss Scarlet said...

Karen- Wow, really? That's lame. Not that I want to watch it in my car. Ew!

Kristabella- hhaha, me tooo!

Serena- YUM!

Melissa- It's sooooo good. I want some NOW.