Friday, June 29, 2007

Change Clothes

I find that when I choose my outfit in the morning, I tend to think ahead to who I may run into during the day. A day where I work with random people? Choose a more boring outfit. A day when I work with friends and may go out after work? Something a little funkier and more put together.

And it's not guys of whom I am thinking. Sure I sometimes want to look hotter for certain guys when they're around, but it's not like I thought today, "Hmmmm, the light brown skirt, I hope So-and-so likes it!" but I did think, "Hmmm, I havn't worn this before. Am I wasting it on today?"

I am such a dork. I should just wear stuff when I want to wear it. Back when I worked in the office, I always looked cuter on staff meeting days when the entire company would see me. On days when most people were out of the office? Nothing special was worn by me.

But I also had the realization that maybe this is why it takes me so long to get ready some days. Like today, I picked out what is a comfortable, new, and (I think) cute outfit and then had the dreadful, "Am I wasting it on today?" thought. But today, unlike some other days, I told myself, "Bitch, just wear it!" and came out to blog about it instead. So to summarize:
1. Just wear it.
2. If you go to blog about it, you're going to end up just as late as if you had changed outfits 4 times.
3. Idiot



Ant said...

Quick! Get outta there - you're going to be late...

4) Only have three varied kits, mostly involving T-shirts, jeans and scuffed trainers. Who needs nice clothes when you've got charm and a cheeky twinkle in the eye? :o)

Anonymous said...

I swear I do the exact same thing. The other day I had to go to my old job to pick something up and I thought there was an off chance that I'd see an ex boyfriend so I wore my new J Crew skirt, four inch heels and a white button down top, hair up, new glasses. I looked smokin hot, if I do say so myself. Now, the odds of seeing him were 50/50 but I couldn't take the chance. I'm a loser.

Cheryl said...

Um, if you're a dork then so am I. I do the same thing.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


Yeah, just wear whatever you feel like. I like the idea that some girls dress to impress guys.

I have a dress code for later this week for similar reasons