Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I tried to go on a photo field trip today around Fauquier County, but during my drive down Spring Road it started raining. No, pouring. It lightened and then stopped as I got to Main Street in Warrenton, so I parallel parked and began to walk around, forcing myself to try to see things different so I would get some good shots.

Then it started raining again.

So now I am in Pantera Bread trying quite unsuccessfully to upload my pictures via their free wireless connection. It is not working very well and I'm about to give up and head home. Why is it so difficult for me to get pictures online?!


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


Curse that badness of weather!

Serena said...

Why does free wireless suck so hard sometimes?

Miss Scarlet said...

UTMG- I know!

Serena- I don't know, but as Smash said in a recent post of her's, it's 2007 in America-why is it so hard to get good internet?