Monday, June 18, 2007

Movie Clock Star

So I can finally stop saying that the last movie I saw in the theatre was Talladega Nights. I can't even remember when that was out, but since I already own it on DVD, I know it's been awhile.

I went after work today to see Knocked Up, which I absolutely loved. I had heard it was not a chick flick, but when the plot revolves around a woman who is preggers, it's hard to believe such a statement. It is definitely a movie for the masses, though. I was not deceived. Even the Miracle of Life moment at the end was kinda funny. I laughed so much that I forgot I wasn't just sitting in my den watching the movie alone. And not just at the obviously funny parts, but the parts that reminded me of other situations and inside jokes with other friends. So, I basically just laughed for two hours. Totally worth the $7. The "Pibb X-tra" was good, too;)

Which, BY THE WAY, how are matinees $7 these days? Totally reminded me why the last movie I saw was months ago...those evenings are expensive!


Anonymous said...

Ticket prices are ridiculous nowadays!

I heard Knocked Up was good. I might have to go to the movies now and see it....

minijonb said...

Knocked Up rocked! I'm so glad my girlfriend dragged me to that film.

Beakerz said...

I liked that movie. It was funny....until it Wasn't, ya know? Got a bit too serious on me, but maybe that just shows my issues. lol

Meanwhile, snuck into Oceans 13 after, which rocked like Oceans 11 (not 12,which was eh, at best).

That's the only way to make the ticket prices tolerable=sneak into a second one

Cheryl said...

Oh I so want to see that movie. I think movie ticket prices are getting too high too, but they still aren't too much to pay for a night out...or else I just like going to the movies.

Serena said...

Nancy Drew. Please let's go see Nancy Drew!