Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dancing Shoes

It is way too early to begin speculating on who is sleeping with who, so for now, my So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) reviews will have to be mostly about the dancing…and any other comments I feel like throwing out there.

A few thoughts before I review the pairs. One, Mary Murphy really needs to get laid and two, the storm caused the TV to go out for about 30 minutes and I’m not sure what I missed.

Lacey/Kameron/Contemporary: I do not like the moves when she looks like a dead, flopping fish. And I also do not like the moves where their arms look like they were electrocuted. What I do like is when she was seemingly flying through the air and bouncing off of him and the floor. I am a sucker for these contemporary dances.

Sabra/Dominic/Disco: I think it is incredibly tough to make the disco dances not just look like super cheese. They did an okay job. I found the best parts to be the lifts, spins, positions, and solo parts. Anytime they danced together I thought it was just “eh.”

Ashlee/Ricky/Argentine Tango: Um, he likes math, therefore I love him. That said, it is kind of an odd pairing since she is noticeably taller than him in heels. I think they do a mediocre job. Many of the moves are totally smokin’, but they did not connect the sexy moves together well enough. Poor Ashley, though, with Nigel saying she looks “so much bigger.” We all know what he means, but come on, buddy, phrase it differently!

Sara/Jesus/Pop Jazz (?): I love his choreography! I think this is one of the best routines of the night. Incredibly entertaining. I was worried the judges would pick on their synchronicity, but I think they were together more than they were off and it was a difficult routine.

Jessi/Pasha/Smooth Waltz: Vomit on song choice (Norah Jones). For a boring dance, I think they do a good job at making it seem very fluid and smooth. Although, her lack of pointing her foot keeps distracting me-Am I imagining that? Because no one points it out. (Haha, get it? “points”.)

Faina/Cedric/Hip Hop: I know nothing about hp hop except for knowing when they are not together in their moves. Cedric is very tall and lanky and I think that sometimes it made them seem more off than they really were. Unfortunately for this group, the song didn’t help them out at all. Eh, it was so-so.

Lauren/Neil/Salsa: I like these two. They looked to be a bit tired and I really wasn’t feeling Neil’s dancing until the end when they did those side-by-side steps. Until then he seemed more like a prop/flinger for Lauren, but he showed he can do the moves, too.

Shauna/Jimmy/Broadway: Broadway looks exhausting. They do a great job with facial expressions, but I can never really get into these Broadway dances. They bore me. Maybe because I am not a big fan of the music.

The following two couples are the ones I missed because of my TV going out. Please submit a review if you saw it!



Until next week!



Beakerz said...

I didn't get into that one, but I am into that Top Chef show. You should watch that! =)

Marissa said...

ooh i love that we get to discuss this again! my most favorite show!! i'm 100 percent agree on ALL your asessments including your opinions on the weirdness of the dead and electrocuted arms in mia michael's choreography. although i LOVE everything else about that routine. and as you said i'm obsessed with wade robson's choreography. that is SO his style and i just love it. i can't decide who will be my favorite although pasha sorta looks like travis and that just immediately makes me like him! :)

Serena said...

I seriously love this show and find myself visualizing routines during the day every time I hear a song. I love Danny and Anya because they're just so amazing perfect. They make it look easy. I want to see them to contemporary or hip hop to really judge them.

Contemporary is by far my favorite and Mia Michaels rocks the house. That bitch is fly, and that routine gave me chills.

The jazz routine...amazing.

Jesus...a beat boy doing disco (not even counting his contemporary this week)? I thought they did great considering.