Sunday, June 03, 2007

Need Some Air

I'm on a wire to see your star shine

By 1 am last night I thought to myself, "Do they have anything else to play?" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played a kick-ass* show last night at the 930 Club. They played for at least two hours and even though I was exhausted and hurting by the end of it, it was well worth it. I think BRMC is the type of band where you need to be familiar with them before you see them live. I think Ali was bored out of her mind and also a little scared of the "geriatric farm" as she called it. I, personally, was grateful the crowd was not like the one that had been at The Faint earlier in the week. Even though it was a tight fit up front and hot as balls, I didn't have little drug-influenced teens dancing all up on my junx.

I got some good pics, too, but those will have to go up later as the ol' dial up is not the way to go for uploading. Here is my thought of the day, though: How do bands play in sweatshirts and jackets? And how can they stand to have their hair all over their faces? Riddle me that.


*I thought so, at least.


Alison Santighian said...

Hey - tell Ali some of that "geriatric farm" is still cool! H ran into an old favorite college/beach band Love Seed Mama Jump last weekend - and felt incredibly old compared to the crowd in Sea Isle City, NJ. I (sitting demurely and preggers at home) reminded him that the band is older than he is, and he felt much better.

Anonymous said...

scarletttt, my dear - just popping in to say hi and let you know i'm back on the blogging scene. have missed y'all. and have lots to say, as usual. see you soon... - melissa

Unknown said...

I'm bummed because I think my being on the verge of sickness truly hampered my experience :(