Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drop Kick The Punks

The Faint were awesome, of course. Their music begs for dancing and dance we did. Not like the crazy high schoolers on e behind us, though. Man, those little cunts sucked and had I not been prepared to punch then in the neck*, they really could have ruined the show for me. I yelled, "BACK THE FUCK OFF OR I'LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!" at least twice. One little biatch was about as tall as my hip and insisted on dancing all up on my junx. I kept feeling what felt like a hand on my calf and it really freaked me out.

What also freaked me out was the person with the gas problem. Every twenty minutes or so the disgusting smell of shit would permeated the air around us. The air got so nast that we took to sniffing my wrists that smelled of Euphoria (Calvin Klein's) and Allie's hair that smelled of..well, nice smelling shampoo. But seriously, invest in some Beano. Or air freshener. Or something! Dis-gust-ing.

We didn't hang front and center for the entire show, though. I've been in worse**, but I wanted to take pictures and not worry about asshole-crowd surfers. Although, crowd surfers amuse me because they are too trusting. When I see feet coming my way I get ready to move out of the way. It pleases me to let people fall to the floor at shows where moshing and crowd surfing is so ridiculous***. Take me to a hardcore show where I know people have my back and won't step on me if I fall and yes, I will hold you up. But 16 year olds on drugs they bought from someone's older brother? I think not. High schooler? Meet Floor. Asswipes.

What also was gross was the soaking wet people. (Soaking wet from perspiration, in case that wasn't clear.) And what is it about these people that makes them want to stand and walk as close to the non-soaking wet people as they can? Vomit. I feel bad making faces behind your back about my disgust for you, but please, just don't touch me. It is gross.

The night wasn't all about complaints, though. Like I said, The Faint were awesome and the two opening bands weren't bad, either. I have found as I get older that opening bands get worse, so it was a pleasant surprise to not want to kill myself before The Faint came on.

So..yay for The Faint! And Nebraska.


*I did not do so, though. I wanted to. Believe me.
**Strike Anywhere. Someone stepped on my head (while I was standing).
***Seriously. Someone crowd surfed at Jimmy Eat World. I wanted to scream.


Ant said...

You've just listed most of the things I hate about concerts - the trouble is I know it's a sign of old-age that I'm more concerned about sweaty, stinky folk crossing my path than I used to be...

Plus, I know it's just a matter of time before I decide "Nah, even though I like the band, I'm not going to run the gauntlet of a moshing pit again..."

Old father time always gets us in the end... *sigh*

minijonb said...

it's crowds like that that make me very picky about what shows i go to see. sometimes i have to just leave early to get away from the freakshow.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- Yeah, I'm to the point where I think, "I don't want to stand up and be miserable!" but that's partly bc my job is standing up all day. blah

Minijonb- I know! it's ridiculous.