Monday, May 07, 2007

Ask Me Anything

Questions Are Still Coming In!!!! From Anthony:

1. If you didn't play the clarinet, what would your instrument of choice be?

Bassoon. Hands down. I've been in love with it since I saw/heard it. I LOVE the clarinet, but the bassoon is up there, too.

2. Is there anything about Scotland you don't like?

Nothing I can think of. Hmmm. I don't like that I can't get there. OH, does it rain a lot there? That will be bad for my hair.

3. Why do you spell the word "hot" with two Ts? (I have an idea of my own but I want to hear your answer first.)

Haha, I can't even remember anymore! Oh wow. It may have been just to distinguish between hot=warm and hott=awesome/sexy/cool/etc. What's your own thought on it?

4. What's the most outlandish item in your wardrobe, or should I say closet?

Haha, closet, I guess. Wardrobe works, too. I do own a pleather skirt. Haven't worn it in years, though. I can't think of anything really crazy that I own.

5. The U in "colour" - discuss.

Yeah, why do you have a "u" and we don't? I like how "favourite" looks. I kind of want to start using the British spellings just to annoy people over here:)


honeykbee said...

Question-- Favorite aisle in the drug/grocery store, and why.

Miss Scarlet said...

Oooh, good question. It used to be the magazine aisle, but now I get those at work. I really like the hair products aisle.

Anthony said...

Responses to your responses:

1. You'd like my friend Rob. He doesn't have a bassoon any more, but he's got himself a double reed for the pleasure of it.

2. Going from personal experience, it rains a lot more in the west, but the weather in Edinburgh is very changeable. Take your pick ...

3. I thought you were making up for the single T in your name. Hott Scarlet as opposed to hot Scarlett.

4. What's a pleather skirt?

5. Please do, I'd grin every time!

Miss Scarlet said...