Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Rest Will Follow

I am beyond exhausted. It's 8:53 on a Saturday night and I am seriously considering going to sleep for the night.

Last night, after having worked from 7am-3pm, we had Allie's Graduation Party where we did what we always do: we drank a lot of beer, took a lot of pictures, and gave a lot of hugs. For this special event, the four of us, me, Ali, Serena, and Allie decided to dress up in fun, summery dresses. I was ecstatic to do so as I look for any opportunity to wear my strapless, blue polka dotted dress that I had gotten for the wedding in April. After a few drinks I had gone from 'modest with a cardigan' to 'woooo! I like to keep my phone and lipgloss in my beep boop*!' That was a good decision, apparently, as a lot of people seemed into my new way of carrying things.

I had a really good time and will consider linking to the pictures once they're posted. Don't hold your breath, though;)


*Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about the top part of my dress, okay?


Pink Is Neat said...

i love how we all channeled serena last night by putting our phones in our unmentionables.

Serena said...

Please. That is the perfect place to keep a phone. I'll soon have women everywhere doing it! Muahahaha.

Good times. And I have the bruises to prove it.

Ant said...

Em, I don't understand how talking about the top part of your dress makes the implication less filthy? :o)