Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Typewriter

My new requirements for being my friend:

  • Has Verizon
  • Texts
I remember back in the day when my friend Julianne introduced me to texting. It was about seven years ago that I discovered this glorious means of communication and I have not looked back. In fact, my text messaging has grown exponentially since that first day.

Yesterday I dialed #DATA to find out where I stood with my texting numbers for the month so far and was a little shocked by how many I had sent and received. Ummmmm, I'm not going to tell you the numbers, but if you think you have me beat, please leave a comment with your own numbers and we'll see.

I also am not going to tell you which texting plan I have because it's slightly insane (yet also not big enough). Serena used to be my biggest non-Verizon texter, but since the death of her second sidekick, she has gotten a pre-paid Verizon phone which has greatly helped my own bill. So now my top texters are all on Verizon and I am getting greedy. I want everyone I know to get Verizon so we can all enjoy free texting!

But before I can even begin that mission, I need to get all of my friends texting on a regular basis. Right now there are three camps of people:
  1. Texters: Serena, Allie, Ali, Vanessa, Katie*, etc.
  2. Semi-Texters: Brendan*, Vanessa C.*, Andre, Ray, Christopher, Senor, Kristin*, Amira, etc.
  3. Non-Texters/"Texting?"/"Texting is stupid": Steven*, etc.
Texters are boos after my own heart. I know that I can text them and often within minutes I will have a response. I can say, "I'm here!" and mere seconds later, they are out the door and getting into my car so we can be on my way. They make communication easy and enjoyable. They make a long class or shift at work more bearable. They make sitting in traffic when my cell phone battery is too low for a real call that much better. I love texters.

Semi-texters can frustrate me at times. Usually I know that if I text them they get it, but I never hold my breath for a speedy response or, in some cases, a response at all. If I really needed to get in touch with one of them, I would just call. I usually assume Semi-texters do not have a texting plan and therefore do not want to text when not necessary. Or maybe they just have lives and don't want to spend their time typing out funny messages to me. (Nah!)

Non-texters get annoyed when people text them because it costs them money. They are more likely to answer their phone, though, when I call and while I appreciate this, sometimes the convenience of a text would be awesome. And Steven's not the only non-texter, but he's the only one I know for sure gets annoyed when texted so I have never even attempted one to him. Not even when drunk.

So I need you all to get on the Verizon board so I can just spend my days texting everyone. If you want to be friends, you're going to need to make the switch. And if you're already with Verizon, email me for my number;)


*Make the switch!! Get Verizon!


Pink Is Neat said...

Now all I want to do is text the people in categories 2 and 3 so much that they are forced to switch over. Everyone knows that Verizon is the best anyway...

Also, if you're emailing scarlet for her number, do the same for me. I love texting almost as much as her!!!!!

Kristabella said...

First off, I am on Verizon, yo!

Secondly, I heart text messaging probably as much as you. Ask Senor.

I would seriously text you more if not for the whole I've actually never met you in person and I'm not sure that you don't think I'm a complete crazy person thing. Because I? Would rather text than talk. Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

But now? Game on. :)

CBK said...

I haven't even read the post yet, I'm just excited about the title. One of my favorite Braid songs!

Ant said...

It's probably a good thing we're on different continents cos I would frustrate the hell outta you with my texting habits...

In theory I like it - because it doesn't require an instant response, but generally I know that I can let an hour or two go by before I have to respond (I've even been known to reply after a couple of days had gone by, but that was to a ex-lady-friend who I was prepping to dump, so the rules are completely different... :o) )

Asynchronicity is great. Phones go "RING RING! STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND TALK TO ME!" and that really bugs me...

Courtney said...

I have verizon but no txt plan does that mean txts to verizon folks are free since calls are? I'm confused. I'd probably txt more if I knew it were free.

minijonb said...

i'm slowly getting dragged over to the txt side. a couple of years ago, i never txted. now, i might do it a few times a week. i better pick up a better phn if i wnt 2 do it more.

Smash said...

A Verizon cell phone is a requirement for my friendship. Why would I want to be friends with someone who is so dumb that they use another carrier?

Also, I can't stand the text haters. Why does it bother them so much? Even if they don't have a texting plan (which, why don't they? It costs like, $2/month for a basic and most carriers have free in-network texting), it costs like 2 cents to receive a message. Why can't they handle the 2 cents?

Miss Scarlet said...


Try2Tri said...

I can't stand that a friend of mine is on Sprint, as I have unlimited picture and text messages via Verizon but only get 50 in-and-out messages from other carriers.

Anyway, I'm all over verizon. If you're looking for someone to text with (for fun, not sexy-time...have a g/f) then hit me up =)

Try2Tri said...

oh yea. and this is Beakerz/Needtsza. you know me better as:

I'm just working on getting a new blog going. First day of work is today on it.


Serena said...

Oh...a post after my own heart. I dare anyone (but you) to compete with my texting. You don't realize how bad it is until you're doing pre-paid and realize texting alone is costing you between $15 and $20 a day.