Friday, May 25, 2007

No Cars Go

I am not one to get road rage.

That said, I just spent the last hour+ driving home while yelling words I wouldn't want my grandmother to hear me say. I was expecting bad traffic, as it is both a Friday afternoon and the start of a holiday weekend, but I was not prepared for the idiots who would be on the road today.

1) JUST EFFING MERGE ALREADY! And if you're in the lane that continues, stop following so closely and leave space for a car to get in. If every person let one person in, we'd be golden.

2) If you see blue flashing lights, it is NOT necessary to break. a) You aren't going fast enough to be pulled over for speeding b) Even if you were speeding, the cop isn't going to jump in his car to come get you c) When you break, the person behind you breaks, and the person behind them breaks. See, it's a dominoe effect and 1/2 a mile back people think they're getting ready to stop and it creates a mess. Just keep going and watch Cops on TV or something.

3) When going across the road and you have to wait in the median turn area, PLEASE, for the love of Pete, make sure your entire car will fit in that median area. The tail end of your pick up truck sticking out onto the real highway is so not cool. This causes people going fast to have to slam on their breaks and no one likes that.

I'm just glad to be home.


Serena said...

I was so glad all of the traffic was gone by the time we headed your way. It made for a glorious beginning to the evening.

Ant said...

We swapped the driving for the little weekend jaunt I've been on - within two seconds of getting behind the wheel, my mate had said the word "cunt" twice already - quite amusing to watch the effects of road rage take hold so immediately...