Thursday, August 02, 2007

Push It

The Top Eight Dance!

Sara and Danny:

I think their first dance was smokin'. The Argentine Tango is sexay and hott merely by definition and add in those boots and it ends up being one super cool dance. I do get sick of seeing Danny do turns in every single dance. YES, We know he can do them well. The human pretzel thing was awesome.

I love love loved that they used Salt-N-Pepa for their hip hop. And I don't care what anyone says, those costumes were perfect for the dance. I found some of their moves just too cheesy, though, and I'm not sure if that was the 90s feel or just cheesy moves. I think they should get bonus points for air brushed shirts!

Dominic and Lauren:

In the Krump routine I was excited that they danced to 50 cent! Or 25 Pence as Nigel called him. I loved how the choreography picked out all of those bass beats in the music. Very cool! And I do think Lauren did an awesome job covering up that fall.

I do have to agree that I still don't know what the Rumba is. The dance is really good, but it does seem to be a lot of poses. I don't mind, though, I loved it! Minus the costuming, it reminded me of what could have been an extra scene from Dirty Dancing. And after hours dance, of course. And HOLY HELL they totally kissed at the end of that. That got my vote. Wow!

Lacey and Neil:

Didn't see their first dance bc of the breaking news report. I do think it's important to break in with important news, but they showed it for way too long.

Okay, yes this piece was sentimental and pretty, but the dancing did not catch me. It got me because of seeing the people afterwards who were crying. It seemed as though the judges couldn't have critiqued had they wanted to since it was so special to Mia Michaels.

Sabra and Pasha:

I don't like the Broadway dances. Maybe because I'm not a big fan of musicals with lame dances*. I am also getting sick of Sabra. Yes, she's good, but she's not God's gift and I find myself hoping she gets poor critiques. I like Pasha, but he still doesn't stand out for me.

Sick.of.Sabra. I am glad this Quick Step isn't boring, though. The costumes were great! I think they did a good job with this dance. I never ever ever want to dance a Quick Step.

So who will be sent home tonight? I have NO idea, but my guesses are:

Pasha and Sara (Although I can totally see any of the guys going home, to be honest.)

*I like the ones like Cabaret and Chicago. The more gritty ones.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say...I'm not too impressed with any of the guys. I'm back in the Danny fan club (I get jealous that I will never in my life be as good at ANYTHING as he is at dancing), but I still think he's so arrogant. I love love love Lacey and Sabra. I think it will be between those two for the winner.

Dominic's sexual assualt on Cat tonight made me uncomfortable. She should have punched him in the throat.

Did Cat say that Travis had a sign in the audience that said that he loved Sabra? Are they dating? Between Lacey, Danny, and now a possible Sabra connection, it seems like Travis and Beni's respective circles of friends and family have a monopoly on this SYTYCD thing!

Katie Alender said...

I fast forward through the choreography parts (I hate seeing spoilers of the upcoming dance -- I'd watch them if they were AFTER the dance), so I missed the Mia Micheals emotional part. I thought the dance was pretty and actually kind of interesting, but yeah, I didn't take as much meaning from it while I was watching it. I did cry afterwards, because I tend to do that if I see other people crying, LOL.

I think Adam Shankman was spot-on when he critiqued Lacie for not connecting with her partner. I totally noticed it and it bugged me -- it was like cruise ship dancing, all for the audience.

There's something so likeable about Lauren... I just don't think she's as good a dancer as the other girls.

Pasha's solo last night made me see him in a totally different light. And Neil is really growing on me.