Monday, August 27, 2007


I usually have a very good memory. I remember things like what I was wearing five years ago on a Friday or what Ross said to Rachel in Season 2, Episode 8. My memory fails me when it comes to getting petrol or taking a test, but at most other times, even through alcohol hazes, I remember quite a lot.

So last night when I was talking with a friend about an evening that occurred just a few weeks ago and I could barely remember it, it freaked me out. It didn't help that the evening was spent at Fridays, a location I frequent quite often because of its close proximity to my job. I kept blurring together three separate nights and while I could clearly see the end of the evening, I was having trouble seeing us sitting in the restaurant in my memory. And it's not like I was drunk that night. I later remembered that was the night I wussed out and just got a short Blue Moon as my second instead of another tall.

There really isn't much to this story except that for about an hour I felt like I had lost a night of my life and, from what I was being told, it was a good evening. All of a sudden though the memory rushed back and I could see it clear as day. It had been a good evening.



minijonb said...

I think the deja vu will kick in any second now. You better sit down.


Kristabella said...

Welcome to getting older.

And it doesn't help that as you get older, you keep drinking, therefore doing more damage.

I used to be the same way. Yet, I have a HUGE bruise on my foot and don't remember how I got it. And I probably got stepped on. Who doesn't remember getting STEPPED on?

Courtney said...

hahaha you said 'petrol'

Serena said...

Guess that was an evening I didn't participate in. Ha.

Miss Scarlet said...

Minijonb- Hhhha, it /was/ like a light turned on when I remembered:)

Kristabella- Oh, great. I also have a mystery bruise on my arm hmmm.

Courtney- haha, but of course!

Serena- Hahaha, actually, you /were/ there!

Marissa said...

It's scary when things like that happen. Mind-lapses. Makes you really feel like you're losing it!

Ant said...

Yeah, I get this - the curse of the fantastic memory means that it's a doozy of a scare-fest when you can't remember something...