Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I hate to use the word fair. I think as an argument it crumbles faster than a poorly-built sandcastle. Maybe it can be blamed on the many episodes of The Practice, LA Law, and Law & Order I've watched, but there's a small part of me that thinks like a lawyer who is trying to create a solid case. I am deliberate in what I say and do 99% of the time so for me to utter the word "fair" when trying to make a case in my favor would be childish.

Sometimes, though, I really want to scream like a five year old, "THAT IS NOT FAIR!" because there are times when really, it's just not. These times usually coincide when I have other things on my mind and can't be bothered to think rationally or am tired and can't find the energy to create a sentence much more complex than, "That is not fair."

I was talking with someone yesterday about a situation that is just...not fair and as we cited the reasons why, we kept coming back to "It's just not fair." It was like the emotional exclamation about the situation. Fair Schmair.


P.S. I <3 Pavement


Anonymous said...

You know, most people who think that they are untreated fairly, blow up stuff. You could detonate a building or something... I find it makes everything easier. Ha ha ha.

minijonb said...

when Pavement broke up... that just wasn't fair!

= ; - )