Thursday, August 16, 2007

Have It All

So much to cover!

1) So You Think You Can Dance? ends tonight. This makes me sad. How is this show now on all year long? After last night, I think I want Lacey to win. She's kind of edgy and slutty and I give her props for dancing to Daft Punk last night in her solo. Her only negative is that she's Benji's sister and I don't want to see him being all goofy tonight if she were to in. I also like Neil and can see him winning if every teeny bopper with a crush on him voted. Danny would be a good winner bc he is so technically good. Sabra deserves to win, also, but I don't want her to.

2) The beach was awesome. Leaving at 4am and getting there at 720am was hilarious, but also left us with oodles of time to just lay (sleep) on the beach which is just what we wanted. Jaguar Paw had a good time, too. I'll post pictures this afternoon.

3) Muse. I still haven't written about the Muse show I went to months ago-hahahaha. day. I promise.

4) Ali and Bearthaniel left for Florida last night. I'm going to miss that boo this week.

5) Still can't stop talking about Apocolypto.

6) The Hills Season 3 rules! The showdown between Heidi and Lauren was awesome. "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" Dang, girl! Ew, and Audrina's beau is nast.



CBK said...

I like Danny for his technical prowress, but really liked how his solo didn't incorporate that. He was much more organic and expressive. I also liked how Neil resisted the temptation to do his spinning Kung Fu kicks, as awesome as they are.

CBK said...

Prowess. Oops.

Kristabella said...

I HATE Heidi! That girl is so damn clueless.

Ant said...

So Jaguar Paw reads your blog?

That's pretty cool.

minijonb said...

you tease us with this Muse review... we're in agony here!!!


bring. it. on.

Anonymous said...

Dude! It's all about Sabra. I hope that she wins!

Marissa said...

I am SO SAD that SYTYCD is over!!!!! I second your idea of having it on all year. I hate having to wait for the summer. What do you think about the outcome?? I dont want to say anything in case you haven't seen it yet!

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- I agree about Danny's last solo-much better! Neil is awesome.

Kristabella- I liked her before. She has pretty hair, but I am always Team LC.

Ant- Jaguar Paw went to the beach with us, Ant! We are like, best friends.

Minijonb- I'll do it tonight. Um, I promise?

Randi- She is good, but annoys me.

Marissa- I was so surprised with the Top 2. I thought American would have voted differently. You?