Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends

For as long as I can remember, I have loved magazines. Before I made my own money. I would beg my mom and dad to let me buy the latest issues of Seventeen and YM when I would tag along to the grocery store with them. I would then go home and read it from cover to cover and be in absolute heaven.

I guess it was when I went to college that I started subscribing to a lot of my favorites. I know that at one time at UMW, I got about 12 in the mail. I think my mailbox mates hated me.

But really? 12 was nothing compared to a few years after that when I'm pretty sure I was subscribed to almost 20 different publications. It's sick, I know. And I think the only reason I don't get more in the mail now, is because a lot of my old favorites (Mademoiselle, I miss you!) either stopped being published or merged into other titles.

Except for maybe anniversary issues, my favorites have always been the September issue of the fashion magazines. These are the ones the post office hates because they are larger than life and I have this on good authority since my own mother works there. She called today and said, "The big Elle is out today!" I just got back from my own mailbox and now have the massive issue in my hands. I love it! It makes me so excited for the fall with its cooler weather and more attractive fashion*. Opening the September issue is like stepping forward in time. I can't wait until fall, but at least I can be there vicariously through the September issues.


*In my opinion.


Kristabella said...

Being such a tomboy growing up, I would only read YM for the Say Anything embarassing stories.

You know the ones. "I was making out with my boyfriend and I got my period! And I was wearing white pants! On a white couch. And then I peed on his dog!"

Two stars.

Randi said...

The best fashion mags for fall are In Style and Lucky magazines. And of course, Vogue, but who the hell can afford anything in there?