Friday, August 10, 2007

Pueblo (Beach Boys)

I spoke too soon yesterday-Ali may work Tuesday, but she does not work on Wednesday! So, if you're looking for a Rose Girl on Wednesday, then check The OC, bitches. The thing about Ali/Scarlet trips is that no matter where we go or what we do, we have tons of fun. We're going to leave at 330am (4am), lament the fact that we get to Sonic before it opens, hang out on the beach, eat Thrasher's fries, ride some rides, swim, gossip, make lists, and crack up...a lot.

Random memory: I took Ali and her friend, Molly, to the The OC one year and while laying on the sand we saw these guys totally checking out this girl. She kept going into the water only up to her knees and then would splash water on herself. The guys ate this up so I, on a sort of dare (?), mocked her, in view of the guys, and with big movements started to splash water up on myself. She wasn't there anymore, so I wasn't making fun of her. It was more like we were testing the guys...and they failed. Ha, hilarious!

Oh, I am so excited!


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Katie Alender said...

Where is your SYTYCD review? I *need* to talk about that table dance! And how much I suddenly love Neil.