Friday, August 24, 2007

Plug In Baby

This is my recent obsession. A mix CD of songs I keep on repeat:

  1. Plug In Baby- Muse
  2. Quicksand- Travis
  3. You Never Wash Up After Yourself- Radiohead
  4. And I'm Aching- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  5. In Your World- Muse
  6. I've Never Understood- The Reindeer Section
  7. Not A Job- Elbow
  8. We Looked Like Giants- Death Cab For Cutie
  9. Hard To Beat- Hard-Fi
  10. Four Winds- Bright Eyes
  11. Art Of Dying- George Harrison
  12. You Can't Quit Me Baby- Queens Of The Stone Age
  13. Not Quite A Yes- Arab Strap
  14. Here- Pavement
  15. I Got The Blues- The Rolling Stones
  16. Killian's Red- Nada Surf
  17. Glasgow Mega-Snake- Mogwai
Have a good weekend, loves.



minijonb said...

Nice mix. I love the Mogwai tune at the end.

Anonymous said...

I forgot my copy at Serena's. :(


Ant said...

Yeah, I know a Glasgow Mega Snake too...


*Gets coat*

Miss Scarlet said...

Minijonb- Love Mogwai!

S- But you have it now! yay!

Ant- Hhaha, loves it.