Thursday, August 23, 2007


Serena recently moved into a phat new pad, which, according to others, has a "kick-ass kitchen." Yeah, the kitchen is nice, but I was drawn more to the balcony, which is going to be perfection on a crisp fall afternoon. Anyway, because of this kick-ass kitchen, her friends took it upon themselves to teach her how to make various meals. (I think they just wanted to use her kitchen.)

First up was Allie who, I think, made spaghetti and then Ravena who made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I was invited to stick around for the second evening, but had to get home. I heard it was a success, though, and at this time I realized it was my turn. But for someone who doesn't even like to cook, what was the plan? I instantly knew how I would make my lesson different: I would include alcohol.

Mojitos and Fajitas quickly became the plan and after what felt like way too long of a wait, it was finally time for the "lesson." (I told Serena I'm no Ravena in the kitchen. I don't get all into it or anything. To each their own, right? Personally, I hate cleaning up so much that I never want to cook.)

After an amusing trip to Wegman's, we got our evening making mojitos and eating chips and salsa. Why rush the boring part of the evening, right? Serena had picked up the ultimate in rum and even though I forgot to put limes on the grocery list, we had some pretty good (and potent) mojitos. After declaring I wasn't feeling them, I got really giggly and talkative and quickly rescinded my statement.

It was time to cook.

Boring boring boring. Cooking is boring. I won't bore you with the details, but I did refuse to get the sour cream out of the fridge. I won't touch that nast. We also had a funny discussion about when chicken is done. I told them my practice of cutting each piece to make sure there's no pink and then ending up with tiny pieces of chicken. And I got angry at Steven for saying that they were really soft tacos since we didn't put peppers and onions in them. Tsk tsk. Details Shmetails. We used "Fajita Seasoning," so who is to argue with that?

We ate on robot plates (I have pics, but no fast internet so just use your imagination) and I guess they were a success since we all had two even though our appetites were satiated by the chips and salsa. With satisfied tum tums, we headed to my favorite part of the apartment (the balcony-how quickly you forget!) for interesting conversation and after dinner drinks. And after that...we had sundaes! What an evening! I told Serena that for the next lesson we would have margaritas and make one of my other specialties:

  • omelettes (but she doesn't like eggs)
  • chicken parmigiana
  • Ramen
  • grilled cheese
Like I said, I'm not a big fan of cooking. Drinks, though, I can do!



Serena said...

The fajitas were definitely a success for someone not in favor of cooking! However, all future lessons from SVR can be bartending lessons. I'm fine with that :-)

Ant said...

Sounds delicious. Though really you could impress me with just a bottle of scotch in a brown paper bag... :o)

Randi said...

Sour Cream rocks! I can't believe that youy don't like it!

Courtney said...

awh cooking can be fun!