Saturday, August 04, 2007

Only Ones Who Know

Someone at work the other day told me that I'm there to get people back into good moods. It's an activity I enjoy, but now I feel a sort of pressure to make sure I keep people smiling whenever they are in my vicinity. Sometimes I wonder if people know how to get me to smile. Steven does-he mentions Brad Pitt and puppies and I'm smiling like it's my birthday or something. With other people, there tend to be a few different ways to reach a smile:

1) Tell a joke. Usually bad.

2) Comment on someone's appearance in a positive way. Usually a new haircut or article or clothing.

3) Do something goofy. Usually a funny expression/face.

4) Use my feminine wiles. Usually just flirting if in the workplace. Also, only with males.

With these four tactics in my arsenal, who can get away from me still in a bad/sad mood?


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