Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They're So Hot

Just like last are my So You Think You Can Dance thoughts!

Rayven (I mean Molly Shannon) and Jamie dancing hip hop:

Dude, she’s 28 so I automatically like her. And she’s a ballerina, which is cool. Ok, so the dance. . .The best parts were the beginning and the splits move. Major points taken away for pulling his pants down and the crotch grabbing. It’s just cheesy and not very classy.

Susie and Marquis dancing smooth waltz (bust for them):

He tried out in DC so that’s where his bonus points come from. I’m not so sure about her yet. And I rarely like the smooth waltz. I just don’t think it’s memorable until the dancer’s are more well-known. It helps that he is such a smooth dancer and she cleans up well, but I think they’ll need to hope her students all vote to keep them in the competition. They had some obvious mess ups (the lift), but it looked difficult so props.

Kourtni L. (wtf with the spelling?) and Matt dancing jazz:

I’m not sure about her. I love her dancing, but something about her annoys me. Do you think choreographer Mandy Moore gets teased about “Candy” a lot? Anyway, they’re talking about their tallness-so now I like both of them more. See, it’s wicked early in the competition so I’m using anything to pick favorites. Oh dude, hott song and the oufits may be even hotter. Is this the same song Sabra and Neil danced to on the table? She kind of looks like Neil now that I think about it…ok, cool routine. Like the jazz. It’s snazzy! (I think I really like Matt. He’s cute.)

Chelsea T. (who reminds me of Nina) and Hayne (cool name) dancing the cha cha:

The cha cha is a smokin’ dance so I am excited to see this. I think she’s really pretty, but sometimes she looks a little tranny, I hate to say it. Super hott dance, though! I really liked it and they kicked it on the execution.

Sidenote: Can we put a moratorium on the “hot tamale train”? PLEASE.

Chelsie H. and Mark dancing contemporary:

Lucky bitches dancing with Mia Michaels, although I bet it’s wicked tough choreography. Wow, harsh criticism in the intro so let’s see. Haha, he totally kissed her! This is a very interesting dance with some neato moves. The dress is kind of huge, though. I would have calmed that down. Weird ending! (In a good way.) I like her. . . Not sure about him so far. I like his quirkiness, but he seems like a loose cannon.

Kherington and Twitch dancing broadway:

I like them! Great couple. Oh wow! I liked this routine so much I had to wait until it was over to type!!!! So hott.

Comfort and Chris dancing the jive:

Her name is not real, right? And did she have braces at the auditions? I’m confused. “Me and Chris is gonna kill it.” Yabbo! Anyway, the beginning of the dance is super cool! He reminds me a tiny bit of Benji actually, which could turn out to be a bad thing, haha! I think they did a very good job! I enjoyed it. I like her dancing, but I wish she wouldn’t speak.

Katee (two “e”s, really?) and Joshua dancing hip hop:

The idea for the routine sounds cool. I do NOT lke Jordan Sparks, but Chris Brown is awesome (2 up, 2 down). That move where she “pulls” him up is great. I like this one a lot. Woop! Aw and the trading of the shirt at the end was a nice touch. Love!

Jessica and Will dancing the tango:

I like these two A LOT and am excited to see them dance the tango. (Oh and she wears big earrings! Points!) I might have a crush on him, by the way. She is smiling a bit much for this “sexy” routine, but I think they’re doing a good job otherwise. I think the camera angels covered up a little bauble she had, by the way. Awesome ending!

Courtney G. and Gev dancing disco:

She dances for the Knicks-that’s pretty cool (By the way, GO LAKERS!) and he wears chartreuse, which is also bad ass. Loooovin’ the disco! It’s always so entertaining. I can’t believe Nigel doesn’t like it, but I’m glad Mary and Dan gave it positive comments. I thought they did a great job! I can’t imagine having to listen to Earth, Wind And Fire all week in rehearsal-*shudder*!

So what did you guys think???

I honestly have no idea who will get voted off. My only thought is that the smooth waltzers are in trouble just because that’s such a tough dance to get votes with.


CBK said...

I've only watched half of it, but I liked the Cha Cha and Mia's contemporary with the quirky guy. I really liked the move when he lifted her and she folded into a puff ball with that skirt. Cool, but weird, routine.

Cheryl said...

I don't watch this show, but I wanted to way in the Mandy Moore should get teased about Candy, regardless of whether she actually does...

Marissa said...

once again, i am with you on everything. i was happy with the decision of the couple that got voted off. i also didn't really like the smooth waltz (agree with you, not memorable until the dancers are better known). and i dislike that girl -- she looks trashy to me and so i can't take her dancing seriously (esp. the smooth waltz)! i loved the mia michaels routine the best (obviously!), but i agree that her dress was too poufy. it made it tough to see her movements all the time. my other favorite was the jordin sparks dance--i just thought it was full of heartfelt emotion.

Serena said...

Soooo much to say. Haha. Obvi, you know I love this show. It alone makes me want cable.

It's funny because there are a few times we disagree. I didn't like Comfort and the jive. I just didn't think she tried hard enough and thought she looked too stiff. Also, something rubs me the wrong way with Jessica and the tango. I hope she grows on me but am thinking not.

Favorites...Twitchington, Chelsie H. and Mark in the Mia Michaels routine, and Katee* and Joshua in the hip hop routine. I also liked the first hip hop routine ok and thought others should have been booted.

*I'm not quite a fan of her yet. I didn't like her rapport with the judges when she was about to be picked for the top 20.