Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Mary…what the hell are you wearing?

1. Chelsea and Hayne dancing jazz: I love a dance that a) tells a story, b) is dark and c) involves interesting movements so basically, I like this dance. Although, as it goes on, it seems like they are doing more posing than dancing. Tsk tsk. I agree with the judges.

2. Mark and Chelsie dancing argentine tango: Looooove the tango. Super sexy. Wow! Not only was her outfit super hott, but the leg moves were off the hook. I love love love this dance. I really like these two. I like how quirky he is and how cherubic she is (stealing their word, haha). Man, this tango was so good. Oh, and her last name is Hightower, which is beyond Police Academy cool!

3. Jessica and Will dancing hip hop: Ok, usually the worst part about the hip hop routines are the outfits because they often will look just ridiculous. That said, I really liked this dance! It was so smooth, but still badass. Mia is right thought, that Will really stood out and Jessica seemed more like a cheerleader doing a routine. I think it can be tough for some of these girls (and guys) who are used to looking pretty on stage to make it believable when they dance hip hop. Cool routine, though. Does she remind you of

4. Kourtni and Matt dancing the fox trot: I really like him and she is okay. Love the green dress! Do NOT love Michael Buble, gross. I like how light and flighty this dance is. They seem like they’re at a club in the 20s just having a good ol’ time.

5. Courtney and Gev dancing contemporary: She is so into that she’s bringing me into it. Awesome move where she ran up his leg. I am not sure he did enough to keep him there if they end up in the bottom three, but I think people will vote for the routine because it was so pretty and intense. I don’t think he did a bad job, it just didn’t stand out for me…but I think people will vote for it.

6. Katee and Joshua dancing broadway: This is another dance (like jazz) where I prefer it to be darker and I tend to not like it when it’s cheesy. Ok, the song is HORRIBLE-I hate 90% of musicals. I love the flexed foot moves. The cane addition is very good, though. She has a great face for broadway dancing. I like this dance a lot, but I can’t help but recoil at the thought of having to sit through the whole musical, haha. I like them both-they’re adorable.

7. Susie and Marquis dancing salsa: How old is she? And Alex de Silva is wearing some HOTT pants, wowzers. That hand stand move was cool. Reminds me of the Sabra one from last year. I love this music and the dance is good…I bet they will get dawged on the footwork and be given props for the lifts.

8. Kherington and Twitch dancing viennese waltz: Dammit the satellite is going out. Oh this is gorgeous! Celine Dion is super cheese, but the fact that he was inspired by the song means a lot. The white outfits are breathtaking. Oh my goodness, when he holds her at the end I seriously teared up. I don’t care how they danced it, I loved it.

9. Comfort and Chris krumping: Oh I have such a crush on 50. I like him, but would be okay with her leaving. I liked the dance, it was fun.

OK…kicked off will be…and I am totally guessing: Chelsea, Hayne, Susie, or Marquis.


Paper Girl Productions said...

I love Mark and Chelsea! They were soo good!!

CBK said...

I think his name is Thayne, BTW :-). My faves were the Tango and how Katee and especially Joshua executed the Broadway routine. I wasn't a big fan of the choreography, but they sure danced it really well. I love how well the breakers are doing at other styles this season. That being said, even though Twitch and Kherington's routine was beautiful, I still think Twitch was pretty rough around the edges for ballroom. I think they praised him too much.

Serena said...

I like quite a few of the dancers this season, especially some of the guys.

1. I loved the idea of this piece and could tell that it would have been badass with different people dancing it. And, I disagree with Nigel. I <3 their costuming.

2. Maybe I missed something on YouTube, but I wasn't a fan. This was a song they tangoed to on Take the Lead, and the tango was so much hotter in the movie. I couldn't get past that.

3. I liked it a lot and actually thought Jessica held her own. I've certainly seen a lot worse. When compared to the crumping routine (because I can't help but make the comparison), I thought it was eons better. I think Comfort could have brought it but didn't. She isn't impressing me.

4. Meh. This was mediocre and unmemborable. I think Kourtni needs a new partner. Could also be that I'm just not a fan of the fox trot.

5. Beautiful.

6. I'm a big fan of these two. I'm not a huge broadway fan either, but I thought they did a great job. I'm very curious to see these two do contemporary.

7. For someone whose specialty is latin dance, she was so not on point. She looked heavy, not hott. Again, maybe youtube.

8. This was so moving. Now I just need someone to choreograph a viennese waltz for me to Videotape (Radiohead). Oh yeah...should probably find a man, too.

9. See 3.