Sunday, June 08, 2008

Decent Days And Nights

As always, in bullet form:

  • Go Lakers! I have $1 (payable in happy hour beer) riding on the series.
  • I had awesome cards when playing Texas Hold 'Em last night. One day I'll play with real money and I hope I have the same "luck".
  • Randi read Tarot cards for us. I think Tarot cards are like horoscopes where it can be fun to read into what you're told, but you can make pretty much anything make sense. I asked two questions and the answers kinda freaked me out. Except for when I got The Goddess card and she asked if I wanted to get pregnant...HELL TO THE N-O!!!! Whoa.
  • Although I did tell my parents again that I want to go to Vegas, but that I have my rule about getting married if/when I go. I think they're cool with it.
  • Except they took that minuscule opening to ask if I have a boyfriend. Grrr!
  • Ali and I are going to Kings Dominion on Thursday. EXCITING!
  • I am excited about a job contact I made.
  • Did anyone see the French Open finals? Nadal is on FIRE. Federer looked stunned.
  • I saw a buzzard (?) eating a cat earlier today. I sorta wanted to vomit.



Randi said...

I'm still bummed about Federer losing the French Open final like that.... he got whooped. Anyhoo, don't feel bad about getting the Empress card... I get it occasionally as well, and trust me, no babies are coming out of this body any time soon!

Cheryl said...

um, if i saw a buzzard eating a cat, I WOULD vomit.

If you play Texas Hold 'Em for money, it's even more fun...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Hi SVR. I can't believe I missed you. Gah. It would have been a hoot to meet up. I'm in Georgia now. Damnation