Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Stuff

So Cat Deely is 5’9”.

Kherington and Switch dancing hip hop: Wow! Great costumes! Great routine! Great facial expressions! I loved this! To have pretty Kherington be believable in hip hop is something. And I love Twitch. I loved how they’d go from ‘hard’ to kind of comical in their facial expressions like, “Watch this!”

Gev and Courtnee dancing rumba: Gev is precious. I love how nervous he was in rehearsal. Whoa she looks half naked when she does the turns. They’re definitely working the eye contact with each other. This dance is super sexy, but it’s hard to get excited about the choreography, in my opinion. It’s almost like if the costume is good and the heat is there, you’re going to like it. Good job, though.

Chris and Comfort dancing jazz: I hate when they describe dances as “earthy” or “organic”. OMG Marlilyn Manson! Oh yeah! OK, I loved this dance because it is a great song, but I felt like she got off a little bit. Very different, though, so props for that. I guess I agree with Nigel that it could have been a bit more powerful.

Jessica and Will dancing disco: Some parts of the dance are so not flowing, but they are doing tons of tricks and steps. I feel like they needed to go through it a few more times before they hit the stage because some parts were just not gelled.

Kourtni and Matt dancing contemporary: Yay for a guest choreographer-new blood is good. Hot Chip! WOOHOO! Oh wow, I so loved this dance. Hella crazy moves, but you could still tell they had great technique. Yay yay yay!

Chelsee and Thayne dancing the quick step?: I like him, but I am so over her. It didn’t really grab my attention, to be honest. I definitely think they will be in the bottom three.

Chelsea and Marc dancing hip hop: Maybe I’m a super emo dork, but this totally hit me! Like, if I was a crier, I would have cried. I don’t know, I reallllly liked it. The emotion was so awesome from them and the choreography was off the hook. I love them!!!! (I also want to learn this dance for myself.)

Katee and Joshua dancing the samba: Hold on, I’m going to rewatch the last one first Oh a new haircut! Cute. They are super cute together. I know nothing about the samba, but I would guess that the technique is not stellar, but good. It reminds me of Dirty Dancing Havana Nights-YAY! I think they’re chemistry is great. I love them, too.

I bet Jessica and ??? are kicked off. I think the guys are insane this year. I can’t even pick one that is weak. Maybe Thayne, just because of the boring routine.




Ali said...

kherington and twitch? LOVE
Katee and Joshua? LOVE
Gev and Courteny? LOVE
Chelsea and Mark? LOVE

everyone else can go. :)

Ant said...

My thoughts?

Cat Deeley is lovely.