Thursday, July 26, 2007

Point Of View

So we're down to the Top 10! I would say this is when it gets good, but So You Think You Can Dance has been amazing for weeks now. Tonight they changed things up a lot as they had each dancer perform the same Wade Robson solo as well as a dance with a new partner. So, thoughts:

Lauren and Pasha dancing hip hop to "Fuego" by Pitbull:

Awesome beginning! I love how they're movements were so on the music. I think they did a great job and the choreography was hella good. What fun! My only problem with the hip hop routines is usually they're outfits, which can come off as too comical sometimes.

Solo #1: Jaimie:

She is obviously good. I agreed later on with Nigel when he said he didn't get her emotion from the dance. I think maybe that she looked so different in this dance that it was liking watching someone new and not the Jaimie we've been seeing all of these weeks. Because, she did a good job, but it wasn't memorable.

Solo #2: Domonic:

He looks a little bit like he's tied to a bungee cord and keeps bouncing around because of that. Again, he does a good job, but this is the Top 10 so of course everyone is going to do well. I like him, though.

Sabra and Kameron dancing contemporary to "Amazing Grace" by Crystal Lewis:

I think Sabra is awesome, but I'm worried she's going to get on my nerves soon. Quit squealing! Okay, this dance, of course, is gorgeous. It's slow, but at the same time not boring and it was so fluid that it was an ease to watch. I think it would have been interesting to see them in something ballroom.

Solo #3: Sarah:

I really Sarah because she's so gangsta and then she comes out and dances incredibly in all of the other styles. I also like that she just seems bigger than some of the other scrawny girls on stage. It's the gangsta thing.

Solo #4: Pasha:

I bet he was terrified to have to dance this solo since he's a ballroom guy. He does an okay job, but it's obvious he doesn't have the moves and extension in his arsenal. He also looked a little confused at the end. But I still like him. Go Russians!

Lacey and Danny dancing the samba to Hip Hip Chin Chin by Club Des Belugas:

Oh, Dmitry! Hott. This dance is SO sexay. I really like Lacey because she's got a little bit of dirty whore in her and I think it's great. And Danny did really well, too, and I want him to stay for sure now. He showed that he's not just out there doing well what he we already know he does well-does that make sense? Wow...this dance=Wow!

Solo #5: Lauren:

I think Lauren is really good and, like Nigel points out, she dances with the music quite well. This is so tough because I want EVERYONE to keep making it! Lauren seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. She's so giggly!

Solo #6: Neil:

Wow, he sure can jump and leap! I think he has one of the best solos, but something about it doesn't make it stand out as much as it should. Hmmm.

Solo #7: Sabra:

I like that she connected with the audience in the begining, but honestly, otherwise it was just another solo for me. I know the judges said it was awesome, but it was still just another dance to me. Maybe I'm trying to find something negative about Sabra since everything else is so positive?

Solo #8: Kameron:

I am really beginning to know this song pretty well:) I can see what they mean about his lack of extension, but I think he puts a lot into his dancing. He, too, connected with the audience a little more than the others. And he has hott hair.

Jaimie and Dominic dancing the Viennese Waltz:

YUCK! I HATE THIS STYLE OF DANCING! At least the choreographer changed it up a little and added some much needed flair...too bad the judges hated it. I guess they were a little too cheesey in their roles, but as a viewer, I appreciated that because the viennese waltz usually is like another commercial break to me. At least this time I watched it.

Solo #9: Lacey:

Good enough. Nothing spectacular. Honestly, I'm a little sick of watching the same dance for the 9th time!

Solo #10: Danny:

See, now he stood out. It's obviously how technically good he is after watching his perform this solo. AND he connects with the audience. Good job, Danny!

Sarah and Neil dancing the disco:

Seems like Sarah is always getting these upbeat dances. I think they did an awesome job and the dance was smokin'! I am liking Neil and his Used-Car Salesman look. I think it works for him and especially in this dance. Sarah also has a good performance expression-she smiles, but it's believable and not just there because she knows she should.

Who should get kicked off?

Jaimie and Dominic? Or Kameron. Oh, I don't know!

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Katie Alender said...

I just watched this week's episodes yesterday... I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought the samba was amazing! I can't believe Nigel and Mary were so hard on it. It looked fantastic to me. (Mia Micheals thought so, too... which is like the only time I've ever liked her.)

I started fast-forwarding through the solos. I found the routine a little cheese for my taste. I did think Danny was great.

And I thought the Viennese Waltz was a little nuts, too. I think if Jaime's costume had been scaled back, the overall effect wouldn't have been nearly so over the top -- but Dominic took all the blame for that.

Does this mean Sabra and Dominic will be dancing together again, or will they pick new partners?