Sunday, July 01, 2007

3's & 7's

In preparation for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Festival that myself and some friends are participating in, Serena, Terra, Lisa, and I headed down to Richmond yesterday evening to do some research on locations.

When we first left Fairfax, I was beyond tired having gotten up at 5am and worked from 7-330, but we had barely started on I66 when I knew it was going to be a fun evening and I would not have to worry about getting too sleepy. With me, Serena, and Terra in my car and Lisa following behind us we were on our way to RVA going the back, scenic way (also known as the way by my house.)

After a quick pit-stop at Sonic for nourishment and some more speed racing down the highway we reached our destination and consolidated into one car for our research. Our plan was basically to hit as many spots on our list of potentials as we could. We made it to the following:

Hollywood Cemetery- Actually, they were closed, but this part of the evening was fun because Lisa spent it slouched down in the backseat;)

The Jefferson Hotel- I love this place. It is gorgeous inside. I close my eyes and can totally imagine myself walking down the grand staircase in my Civil War-era corset and dress.

Byrd/Maymont Parks- We did a lot of driving and walking around here as we checked out the various options for filming including the paddle boats and cemetery. We also came upon a family reunion of sorts where a huge group was taking a family photo. I really wanted to ask if I could jump in for just one shot, but decided against it. I also gave a "look" to a car that almost hit us while we crossed the street.

James River/Scary Bridge- From Maymont we decided we wanted to find the James River and followed the signs to the Texas Beach. This seemed fitting since Serena is from Texas, but we realized later we just didn't hike far enough. Oh wait, HIKE you ask? Yes, we hiked in nature. We went down a steep-ass hill and then crossed a scary bridge thing where I was confused we would die. I texted my sister, "We're at the Texas Beach in case we don't return." We made it back, though.

Skyline Bridge- This isn't the official name of where I took my car load, but it's one of my favorite views and one I make everyone see when they visit Richmond. "Don't look! Look the other way! Do not cheat!" I yelled until I had U-turned and they could see how pretty downtown Richmond really can be when lit up against the darkening sky.

Shockoe Slip/Bottom- I really like cobblestones apparently as I cited them while brainstorming for each of the different genres of movies. Western move..."Cobblestones!" Film Noir..."Cobblestones!"

Church Hill- "Is this it?" "We're going up a hill, right?"

Sticky Rice- What trip to Richmond is complete without the best sushi ever? Vanessa joined up with us and we had what is always to be a good time at one of our favorite restaurants.

The evening was definitely a success. We did what we had gone down to do (location scouting) and even had good time while we were at it! Pictures will hopefully be posted tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys went on a history trip, from the way you described everything! Ha ha. Glad that you guys had a good time.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

What, pray tell, are you going to film?

Miss Scarlet said...

Randi- Ha, it was fun:)

Ultra Toast Mosha God- We're not sure yet! We don't find out until the day the competition starts so we have to be prepared for anything.

dara said...

My coworker's kid just participated in one of these 48 hour film festival things. It was pretty cute.

On an unrelated note, I just tagged you for a meme. Feel free to ignore.

Katie Alender said...

Lots of good locations! That should be very handy.

I wanted to tell you also that, after all the buildup, there's a good chance when you get your genre that you will freeze solid and not be able to think of a single thing for a half hour. This is okay. ;-) We did silent thinking time first.

The other thing is that if you have a person who is definitely in charge or has veto power, have them give you their initial thoughts before you brainstorm, and make sure they are not afraid to veto ideas they don't like. Otherwise you could end up wasting a couple of hours on a concept that won't pan out... trust me!