Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Outta Control

Lacey and Kameron dancing the Hustle:

I think they had a lot of good transitions in this dance. Sometimes the dances end up looking like separate moves with no transitions. And holy hell can Lacey do some turns. Wowzers! I liked this dance because it was different. Have we seen The Hustle before?

Shauna and Cedric dancing the Mambo:

Shauna is too good to be held back by Cedric and if she gets kicked off because of her unfortunate partnership, I’m going to be pissed. Personally, I felt like it was incredibly awkward. It seemed like she was leading him instead. Yeah, he did a great job for never having danced something real before, but should he stay while another dancer gets kicked off? No.

Anya and Danny dancing Contemporary:

(I love Tyce.) (Although, I do NOT like his facial hair. Oh my.) OK, nothing can make me love a couple more than watching them dance an awesome contemporary routine. I also think that contemporary is the best kind of dance to showcase the guy more. In the ballroom dances, they sometimes end up just being a partner to the girl. Danny’s leaps are a-mazing. I hope they don’t get hip-hop anymore, because I love them as long as they don’t look ridiculous.

Sara and Pasha dancing for the first time in the style of West Coast Swing:

Oh great, Benji is choreographing this. Go figure that they use the stairs-didn’t Benji constantly dance on those last season? This is a good song choice, but I’m not feeling the dance. I like these two, though, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. Oh wait, the end is really picking up! And I like the green/black outfitsJ

***Wow, innuendos.***

Sabra and Dominic dancing Hip Hop:

Apparently this is going to be “hott”J If these two aren’t getting it on, then they are amazing actors. Holy hell was this routine hott!!! And that handstand move they kept building up to was so awesome. This is one of my favorite hop hop dances so far that I’ve seen on this show. That one judge is correct, storytelling makes all the difference.

Jaimie and Hok dance the Waltz:

Yay! A story! TOO MUCH DRESS! The second half is much better than the first where it had the dreaded moves with no transitions feel. Okay, they are doing it. They can’t even keep their hands off of each other during the judging. Okay, I admittedly don’t really like the waltz, I think it’s usually boring.

Lauren and Neil dancing Jazz:

(OMG I LOVE WADE!) Wow, I think this choreography was perfection for them as the crazy look works well on him and she’s such a ham. I really enjoyed this and was totally caught up in what was going on and trying to figure out the story. This was one of those dances that I wanted to go on and on. Fun stuff!

So who should get kicked off? My picks would be:



+Title from 50 Cent


Serena said...

This is getting so so hard. There was no one I absolutely hated last night; I even thought poor Cedric stepped it up a little. That said, there are definitely people I don't want on the show...some of this doesn't even have to do with the way they dance.

Lacey & Kameron - Loved it. Though I was never a huge Benji fan, I have to agree with the judges that his sister has the technical talent. I also like these two as a couple. I'm curious to see Kameron on his own bc they have generally just been giving him the "prop" parts.

Shauna & Cedric - Even though he stepped it up and didn't make me hate him in this routine, it's really his time to go. He is the weakest link. The fluidity wasn't there that was present in other routines. As for Shauna, I just can't make myself like her. She's not a bad dancer but again not one of my faves.

Anya & Danny - I loved them from the beginning and, of course, loved this routine. Contemporary makes me breathless. Danny is perfection in my mind, though I agree with the judges on his missing 'magic' that will keep votes from him. A shame. I want him to go FAR.

Sara & Pasha - I had the same fears when discovering Benji was doing this one. He was waaaaay too much the ham for me to ever like him over Travis. That said, the choreography was better than I expected, and I didn't hate this. Sara is one of my favorite females, so I hope she stays. No offense, but given the other men, Pasha can go soon.

Sabra & Dominic - I love these two. They are my favorite couple and this routine was smokin'! I want them here until near the end! Oh, and chair work so reminded me of Save the Last Dance.

Jamie & Hok - I love Hok and now believe Jamie does,too. I'm not a waltz fan, so at least this was more enjoyable than normal. Not sure what Mary was talking about (well, I kinda do with the rises)...for get Jamie's lines, did you see the way Hok virtually floated across he floor in that one scene? I fucking gasped. He can waltz me any time, even if he is short.

Lauren & Neil - Wade Robson can do no wrong. This might have been my favorite of the night if it hadn't been danced by these two. I would have liked to have seen Sara and Jesus do this one.

Picks to go: Shauna and Cedric.

Pink Is Neat said...

I HATE Jaimie, but she's going to be in the top 10, I can just tell.

I can't stand Shauna, you nailed it on the head Serena, I just can't make myself like her either.

Sabra and Dominic are my all-time favorite. They are ALWAYS good and so self-deprecating about it.

I kind of understand what they were saying about Danny. I'd pick him over Anya any day though, i can't stand her. She's not even american!! hahahahah

I do disagree with your Pasha comment. I love him. Their dance was just ok in my mind, I'm not sure they have the connection that the judges claimed they did.

It is getting harder though, I told you!

It's hard for me to make a decision on who should go...
Cedric for sure, he looked like a freaking scarecrow!
And either Shauna or Lauren. I can't stand Lauren. Neil did SUCH a good job in the jazz routine, I think he's safe. Wade's one of my favorite choreographers.

CBK said...

Yeah, Wade always delivers the coolest routines. Benji's was too stop-start in the beginning. It didn't have the momentum I'm used to seeing in West Coast Swing. It ended well, though.

Mary was WAY too harsh on Hok and Jaimie. She's usually way too harsh on ballroom routines and overly-glowing about styles she knows nothing about. Cedric should go, for sure, and I'd send Sarah because she didn't pull it off as well as Pasha and last week's solo was WEAK! She should have left for that, and not Jesse. That was so unjust.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Love the long comment! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge Shauna fan, but I think she's a great dancer. I looovveee the contemporary dances!

Pink is neat- But isn't she Russian? close enough.

CBK- I don't like west coast swing. He's too much of a ham for me to ever like the style he dances.

Marissa said...

I seriously live for your SYTYCD commentary!! I'm in agreement. Sabra and Dominica's routine had me drooling -- SO HOT!!!!! Agreed. they MUST be hooking it up.

I am so in love with Pasha. He can do anything and I will love it. He had me last week when he danced with the stand-in and made it just as hot as if he were dancing with Jessie.

It's Cedric's time to go...but I don't think America's going to vote him in the bottom 3 for some reason. We shall find out tonight!

Anonymous said...

I stayed up until 3am (after working until 2) just to watch this freaking show.

Cedric must go...he's not good at ANYTHING except what he does, and isn't the whole point of the show to be good at everything???

Forget about her dancing...I CAN'T STAND JAMIE'S VOICE!!!! She talks like a 14 year old valley girl (which she very easily could be) but I can't stand it.

Dominic and Sabra are my favorites...he's completely lost that thug/breaker attitude vibe he had going on at the beginning. And she just kicks ass.