Sunday, July 15, 2007

Endless Entertainment

Magazines In My Queue To Read:

  • W- With Posh and Becks on the cover. I already looked at the pics. He is beyond sexay.
  • Blender- I'm a sucker for their writing, it makes me laugh.
  • AP- Not sure why I bought this. It was like a cry from the me from four years ago.
  • Domino- Another magazine to mark up of things I want, but won't be buying.
  • Elle- One of my absolute favorites and so wonderful for the fashion. Short blurbs that are funny.
  • Bazaar- What's In/What's Out.
  • Paste- Last month's. Love Parker Posey.
  • Glamour- July's! I'm behind. I think I read August's, though.
  • Vogue- Crap, just realized it says "last issue!" that's no good.
  • Self- I think I started getting this once Mademoiselle ended?
  • Guitar Techniques- With Dragonforce. Brendan bought this. I need to learn the solo, that would be hilarious.


Kristabella said...

Um, no US Weekly? No People? No In Touch?

What is wrong with you woman??

Miss Scarlet said...

Girl, I already read those! I'm not a big People fan, though. I hate the "feel good" stories. I just want dirt!

Courtney said...

oh man Becks and Posh in W = WAY HOTT

Miss Scarlet said...

Courtney- I KNOW!

Serena said...

Oooo...I need to read Domino. I suddenly feel like a home owner. Hahaha.