Monday, July 23, 2007

I Put A Spell On You

I'm on page 173. I can't turn the pages fast enough when I finally get a chance to sit down with it, but these moments seem to be few and far between. Work and sleep (the little I'm getting) are getting in the way of my Harry Potter reading.

Last night I was a dumbass and went to wikipedia to check on Hermione's birthday, not even thinking that, of course, it had been updated with Book 7 information. So I saw a spoiler, dammit! Then I emailed Anna and didn't make it clear I was not done and she accidently told me something, too. But it's okay because I think it makes for better reading for me. I would rather read with some ease and enjoy it, rather than wondering the whole time who might die.

The Midnight Madness Party at Barnes and Noble on Friday was just that...Madness! I somehow ended up as the greeter for the store and directed everyone as they came in. This was both good and bad as I was happy to show off my shirt, but can also be kind of shy when it comes to crowd control. I'm good with greeting, but telling people where to go? Awkward!

Being armed with a water gun for the evening helped. It was neverending fun to squirt people and then turn away while holding back the laughter as the unassuming victims looked all around to figure out from where the water had come. I also had fun giving the teens and kids a hard time, "So you want the dark mark painted on your face? Your bad!? That's terrible!"

It was an enjoyable evening, though, surprisingly. I was beyond exhausted by 230am when we finally clocked out, though.

Happy reading! Don't ruin it for me!


Courtney said...

that shirt is awesome... I totally agree the movies are better except I've never read any of the books...haha!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I hoped Potter might quit school and go and spend some time at the university of life - travelling themiddle east and gettin busted for drugs or something.

Anonymous said...

I've never read a Potter book or seen a Potter movie. I told this to the mother of one of my clients Sunday and she almost kicked me out of her house.


veeda said...

I am a spoiler. but i've gotten better.

P.S. the ending is just how it should be.