Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exit Music (For A Film)

It's 11:42 on Saturday night and I'm sitting in The Village in Richmond with Serena while she alternates editing with drinking mass amounts of delicious iced coffee. On two hours sleep (not even), the six of us (Me, Serena, Allie, Terra, Tice, and Ben) set out to create our 4-7 minute superhero masterpiece.

Last night, at The Camel, which served as the starting spot for the 48 Hour Film Festival, we drew our genre fate and left at 7pm with the following information:

1. We had 48 hours to make a Superhero film.
2. A pencil had to be in it.
3. The required character was named Cliff/Claudia Foust and is a historian*.
4. Somewhere in the film the following line had to be said, uttered, shouted, or whatevered, "I was thinking the same thing."

We spent all day in the disgusting 90+ degree heat running back and forth between shoot locations and the hotel. At one point three of us were wearing superhero capes made out of astro-turf while Serena filmed and later on in the day you could have found Ben as our villian mugging Allie the victim.

It was a long, effing day. I am beyond exhausted and earlier, after a super-filling dinner at Sticky Rice, I couldn't keep my eyes open and actually took a nap in the hotel room...with everyone else there. Anyone who knows me will realize how tired I was if I actually slept in front of people. Waking up with burning, watering eyes was awesome and I'm pretty sure I look as though I've just come off a week long stint of uppers.

But we're at Iced Coffee Mecca now and we're not leaving before 2am (when they close) so Serena can get as much editing done as she can. Tomorrow is hopefully a less-filled day, but will be a tad stressful as we need to complete our film and turn it in by 7pm.

If we ever get it on youtube or something, I will be sure to post the link. Otherwise, you should come to the screening of our film to be held 4 August 2007 at the Byrd Theatre on Cary Street in Richmond, VA.


*First text was to Ali, our resident Historian.


Katie Alender said...

Woohoo! You're on the home stretch now!

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah we are! We're back at The Village editing.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys win anything?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


This sounds really constructive.

I like the Radiohead title.