Thursday, July 19, 2007

Micro Cuts

What a long day. I've been up since 430am and by the grace of iced coffee (see #2), I've been on the go since then.

1) I was on and off the phone with Kyle from Elliott in the Morning at 6am, 6:20am, 6:55am, and then 7:10am. I was prepared to state the following:
a) I have their promotional CD from 1999/2000 and I remember the day I bought it.
b) I bought Origin Of Symmetry when it was still an import.
c) I even have Hullabaloo!
d) My grandfather was a Freemason (shhhh!!!!) and I am obsessed with all things Scottish
It didn't work out, despite Brendan and I sitting in his car on our break, while Ali listened from home, but it's okay. I believe with all my being that I deserve it and it'll happen sometime. And Kyle was a total boo about it all. Good guy.

2) Sometimes I want to tap my vein and insert iced coffee that most direct way. Today, with my partner in coffee crime, I had 2.5 venti iced coffees. One at noon with lunch, one at 2 on my break, and 1/2 of the last one we ended up sharing after work while in my car.

3) I had a "Say it, bitch" moment today. This woman came in and said, "You know what I want", meaning to reserve a copy of Harry Potter. I said, "I'm going to make you say it." I thought I was being funny, but the look on her face told me otherwise so I entered her information into the computer and smiled and sent her on her unfunny way.

4) I couldn't find out if it would cost to send the phone numbers from my old phone to my new phone via bluetooth, and I am too cheap to pay Verizon to do it for me, so I just wrote down all 150+ contacts. Five pages. It was major.

5) I also had an "I own it!" moment today when this man asked for the magazine "V". There is a magazine by that name, but we don't carry it. Then he said, "David Beckham and his wife are on it this month" and despite my wanting to point out that her name is Victoria and she's hilarious, I told him that actually, they are on "W" this month. He doubted my magazine knowledge, but I schooled him and said that I get that one in the mail and had already read it. And I'm pretty sure I said, "It's totally hott."

6) Someone told me I should be a lawyer because of my ability to find a loophole in any rule. "They said no flip flops in cafe, which means we can wear flip flops out here!" I also referred to myself as the ultimate rule-bender today.



Senor Beavis said...

I bought Origin of Symmetry as an import too. And you know what? It was still worth it.

Kristabella said...

I'm pretty sure that you're going to hate me for saying this, but if you use Verizon online, there is this awesome thing called "Backup Assistant."

It connects with your phone and backs your address book up online. I highly reccomend you do it. So that you never have to write that out ever again.

Miss Scarlet said...

Senor Beavis- YES, it was totally worth it.

Kristabella- Well, how do you connect your phone to the computer? I don't have that cord...I don't think. And besides, my internet is too slow, I get frustrated even trying to log into I'll use that feature once I get high speed, def, but needed to get that old phone sent out asap! I kept putting it off (go figure).

CBK said...

What was the Elliott in the Morning thing about? Some kind of contest? Is that the DC101 Elliott I remember from 2000?

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- Yup! Same Elliott.

Ant said...

Haha! Love the "say it, bitch" moment... You should have totally turned it into a "I'm not joking" moment or maybe even a "Hop on one foot, with your finger in your ear, whilst squealing like a piggy, or I'm not putting the info in" moment... :o)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I have Absolution, but not Origin.

Must get round to that