Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sleeping On The Roof

I think I broke my body. Not its bones or anything, but lately I have felt totally off in my sleeping.

Last Friday I got, at most, three hours of sleep before work, which left me one flesh-bite away from being a zombie. After barely making it home without falling asleep, I did just that and crashed in my bed for about an hour before going to a low-key crab fest with Ali and Nathaniel.

Sunday was fairly normal, sleep wise, but I ended up getting to bed way too late for my Monday morning wake up time of 430am.

Needless to say, Monday was a rough bitch. I came home Monday and ended up falling asleep again. I am okay with taking a nap on a day when I get less than four hours of sleep.

But Tuesday was my day off and I 'accidently'* slept until about 9:30am when Ali called me with something important. Thinking I had gotten enough sleep to begin my day, I did just that...until about 3pm when all I wanted to do was 'rest my eyes'. Instead of heading to my room to take a nap (do I look weak?), I went in there for a more comfortable place to read Harry Potter 6. That lasted for just a few pages until I found myself shutting the book and turning over. An hour and a half later my phone rang and I realized I had been dreaming.

Who is this weird napping girl and what happened to Scarlet? The only thing I can tell myself is that yes, my sleep schedule is a bit off and on more than a few nights a week, I do not get enough shut eye. And I know my body and if it's too tired, I am more susceptible to feeling under the weather, but too much sleep is not good, either. I don't want to turn into a lazy blob, but I also want to make sure my body is getting enough rest. Why has this turned into such a fine line? haha:)


*Turned my alarm off and fell back asleep, oops!


Anonymous said...

Damn, you get up at 4:30am? Wow.

Ant said...

This happens to me so much it's not true - I end up just with eyes open at some stupid time like 4.30am. I know I'm not going to get any sleep so I just get up and start working.

It's happened so much now that I treat it like jet-lag and basically ride it out till a sane bedtime (by which time I'm a zombie) but it generally guarantees a good night's sleep. But then the night after is rubbish again.

Can't explain it. But sometimes I feel like starting a Fight Club to combat the insomnia... :op

minijonb said...

I overslept and called in sick yesterday. I had felt awful the night before, so I was really, kinda, sorta sick. But I wish I had acomplished more yesterday.

I got up early today and ran a bunch of errands. That helped. Maybe you could try that...