Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Television: On Campus Acting

Yesterday I declared that my life is currently like an episode of Dawson’s Creek. No, I don’t live in a small New England town where I climb through windows to visit my friends and I am not a young adult with melodramatic* problems that leave me using larger than large words with my beyond cute friends. The similarities I see come from both the characters and the situations they go through.
However, as easy as it is to think about situations where life is imitating TV, there are a billion more instances when mine most definitely doesn’t. So which is worse, when life imitates TV? Or when I am upset when it doesn’t.
Example 1: Joey and Pacey

Um, I love Pacey. he’s the hott bad boy with a heart of gold. He is loyal, funny, and always ready for a good time. I loved the season when Joey and Pacey started to get closer and eventually set sail for the summer as a couple. No one understands their relationship and thinks it is completely off the wall, but need I remind you of how the series ended?
Example 2: Conversations
You know classic TV moment where one character says what he/she thinks he/she should say, which then either prolongs the drama and/or complicates the situation? Well, sometimes I can’t help but think about those TV moments when I am in my own situations and am decided what to say (or what not to say, which is more often the case.)
Example 3: Moments
Dawson’s Creek characters always have such perfect moments and really, for brevity’s sake, let’s focus on kissing moments. Now, I have made the first move in my lifetime, but these times are few and far between and usually involve alcohol. But even more often than having made the first move, I have been in those incredibly frustrating situations where I am closer than close with some guy and nothing happens. If we had been on TV we would have made out.
So that’s all for now. Luckily, I am in a good state of mind right now where the non-TV moments aren’t all that upsetting. Let’s keep it that way, ok?


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Scots said...

Dawsons Creek .... now there's a blast from the past! Don't quite know who I would liken myself to??? hmmmmm another thought to play around with! ...... I'll get back to you!

Scots xx