Friday, July 20, 2007

Same Old Song And Dance

So we're down to 10 dancers and it happened before I could even blog about last week's dances! So, since the pairs are splitting up, I'll analyze each individually:

Danny- He is soooooo good, but there is something about him that is too smooth. I love to watch him dance, but I tend to not care much more about him. As I can say about 80% of the dancers, he sometimes doesnt' stand out enough. Dancing alone, unfortunately, won't bring it. Props for being tall, though.

Dominic- I like him, but I wouldn't fight to keep him there. I think he will leave soon if he's in the bottom three. Although, now that he won't be paired with Sabra, maybe he will stand out more. And actually, his jokes in the interviews annoy me a little. A crush on Cat Deely? Boorrring.

Jaimie- Yes, she has good lines. Yes, she's a good dancer. But would someone please shut her up??

Kameron- I really like him and maybe it's because he has that red mohawk:) I want him to stay around longer. He's one of my favorites, I think. I wonder how he'll do with another partner. Like, imagine him with Jaimie dancing hip hop-WEIRD!

Lacey- Hearing about her smelly weave was kinda gross. She's a great dancer and also really stands out. I can actually see her winning if she continues to get good dances.

Lauren- I know some people don't like her, but I don't mind her. She looks tiny when she danced her solo, which kind of surprised me. Is she shorter than "5'3"" Jaimie? She also danced to Christina Aguilera, which resulted in bonus points from me. Can she make it to the end? I don't think so. She needs to stand out more.

Neil- I think he's cute and very animated. He also has incredible jumps and spins. I liked their Mia Michael's contemporary last week. I loved when they looked bouncey-if that makes any sense. I tend to like the guys who dance contemporary or jazz as their main styles. Like last year, when I wanted Travis to beat Benji.

Pasha- A hott Russian. Huzzah! He's a great dancer and partner, but I worry for when he has to dance his solo. Ballroom dancer solos suck.

Sabra- I love Sabra! She's funny and personable and dances everything well. I take it as a good sign with these dancers when I forget what their regular dance style is. Can Sabra make it to the end? Ummm, I think so, but she needs to continue having awesome choreography!

Sarah- The 80s dance was awesome. I don't much care for her solos, though. I have been impressed with her dancing in the other styles. She wore earrings I own last week! Cool. I'm not sure if she can make it to the end.

I am already looking forward to next week when they will be paird up differently!!!



Anonymous said...

I feel like now is when the competition really starts. This year is strange because I don't really have favs yet. I agree with you about Danny. He's an amazing dancer, but it's almost like he thinks he's too good to have to do a solo or be in the bottom three (which he kind of is, but I think the attitude is what has made people not vote for him). I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Mia Michaels routine from the other night with Lauren and Neil, and I'm always a big fan of Dominic and Sabra and of Lacey. I don't have any idea even who the front runners are at this point though.

Last, immediately when the judges came back I knew that Anya was going home because Mary was PPPIIIIISSSSSEEEEDDDDDDDDD OFF!!! Personally, I thought it was hilarious because I didn't really like Anya to begin with.


Miss Scarlet said...

Cindy- Haha, I know. That was kinda funny with Mary. I could tell, too.

Anonymous said...

I like Sabra! She's pretty. I'm all about the black (or half-black) people winning. Ha ha!

Marissa said...

i always love reading what you write about sytycd. probably cuz i seem to agree with every last one of your thoughts! i adore sabra. i think she has such an animated, fun personality and it carries through in her movement. i hope she stays around til the end. i also ADORE pasha. it's a toss-up between him and neil for my favorite male. i 100 percent hear you on danny. he is a beautiful dancer - for sure the most technically trained. but i don't like him. he bores me. nothng he's done has stood out at all. last yr travis was the most technically perfect dancer, but he had the personality and uniqueness to make him stand out. danny just doesnt!