Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Cup Of Life

Earlier today I was working on a crossword puzzle when I came to the clue, "Mai ___ Cocktail." Of course, the answer was "tai" and it instantly reminded me of one of the best weeks of my life-when I went to Puerto Rico in 2001. The trip was seven years ago yet I can still recall details from the nine days spent there and remember it so fondly.

We toured the whole island and one of our nights was spent at a "fancy" hotel near Arecibo that had an awesome view and a very nice hotel bar. Not that anyone went there besides our group, but had such an awesome time.

I had only been 21 for about a month so I was still into trying out new cocktails and drink concoctions. That was the first night I had a Tom Collins* at the suggestion of one of the girls on the trip. I also had a Blue Hawaii and, of course, a Mai Tai or two.

About five of us were at the bar for hours, using our travelers check's and playing card games with our fancy drinks. When we finally called it a night I went back to my room that I was sharing with two girls who didn't drink and got ready to get a good night's sleep. They made fun of me for being tipsy.

Good times.


*The best I have ever had. Seriously. I haven't never tasted one as good.


Cheryl said...

Nice...I'd like a mai tai right about now.

Interesting, I too wrote about travel memories yesterday.

Poppy Cede said...

I knew you had to have a blog. Yay!

I would like a beer right now. But, um... probably a bad idea before driving the cat to the groomer.


v. said...

will you send me your e-mail address?