Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Soon Is Now

Again, it has been too long. In the past few weeks I've slept, drank, parties, not slept, worked, etc.

We celebrated Ravena's birthday on the 7th and had a Hello Kitty themed party for to celebrate her turning 30. I made dessert sushi for the party and it was a raging success. The party was a lot of fun and it turned into the next morning before I shut my eyes to sleep. The things I'll remember from the party: cakes, dancing, Soundgarden, and vomit (not my own).

On the 13th a bunch of us went to DC for Wine Week. Twice a year we head to Smith & Wollensky and pay $10 for a wine tasting...where "tasting" equals full-size glasses and we all get trashed. After lunch a few of us continued the partying by heading to Lucky Bar in Dupon where we stayed until we were all exhausted. What I'll remember from Wine Week are: photos, the kid vs adult table, never-have-i-ever, phone calls, and dancing.


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