Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

I remember watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and thinking, "Damn, he's hott! And that accent! I love it!"

Robert Pattinson. He's hott. He's always been hott. Now he is extremely popular and a part of the Twilight saga so people like to say he's gross...but they're wrong, he's hott. I'm going on blogger record with this.

I think Robert Pattinson is HOTTTTT!!!!!!

And it's not because I want him to suck my blood*. It's because he is a delicious man. I'm sick of people grouping me with the teeny-boppers who love Twilight** and are in a fantastical mindset and think that RP is actually a vampire. I am 29. I am normal. And denying he is hott is ridiclous.

That is all.


*My neck, yes. And that's only for foreplay purposes.
**Although I do love Twilight...and what's wrong with that??


Randi said...

Don't feel bad. I'm secretly in love with Shia LaBeouf!

Marissa said...

he is hot!