Sunday, August 02, 2009


The following is a list of foods that, when in something I am eating, ruin it*:

1. Sour cream- Sour cream used to almost make me gag, just at the thought of it. I think it's one of the most disgusting things ever. I hate that it automatically comes on so many things: potato skins, nachos, tacos...YUCK! In my old age, I still detest it, but I'm at least okay if it's near my food.

2. Green peppers- I don't understand liking green peppers. Their taste permeates everything else in the dish! Growing up, I got my dad to change his chili recipe because it had green peppers in it. And people CHOOSE to put them on their pizza? Odd. One time I had a piece of raw green pepper and I could kind of see people liking that, but it was still way too much green peppery taste for me.

3. Mushrooms- I used to think I was okay with mushrooms because my mom used to make this dish with cream of mushroom, but a few years ago I went to eat a regular ol' mushroom and quickly realized I do not like them. I think they should only be put in vegetarians' food. I got shrimp lo mein for dinner and the mushrooms were all over that! YUCK! Huge ones, too. I couldn't ignore them. My trash can is now filled with them. I'm curious about this portabello mushroom thing because don't people eat them like steaks or something? Seems like a steam would be a lot better.

4. Mixed condiments- I am the person who causes the McDonald's line to come to a halt because I order my hamburgers plain. Actually, I haven't had a McDonald's hamburger since I was about 13 so you'll actually have to blame someone else. But do you know why I don't eat those anymore? No, it's not because they're bad for you, it's because they mix ketchup and mustard on them! EWWWWW! One time, my friend Nick got a hot dog at 7-11 and he put everything from the condiment bar on it. I couldn't even look at him while he ate it. It didn't stop me from sleeping with him, though**.

That actually might be it. I'm sure one of my friends who hangs out with me a lot can add to the list, but that's all I can think of right now.


*Or ruin a particular bite if I forget to pick it out.
**GOTCHA! Just kidding! Just checking to see if you're still reading.


Serena said...

Haha. I second your mushroom comments. I hate that they're slimy. I'm iffy on green peppers. I like them on some things but need them to be cut really small.

Btw, I think onions are my "sour cream".

SILVUM said...


Also, I will eat ALL the mushrooms you two don't want. I will eat the fuck out of them. I recently went to this restaurant SUNFLOWER, and not only did I eat a PLATE OF ONLY MUSHROOMS I also ate the bamboo fungus soup... I WAS VERY HAPPY.

SILVUM said...

Oh yeah.. that hot dog RULED.. soooo hard....

Randi said...

Mushrooms and sour cream = heaven.

I hate okra. It's nasty! So is asparagus.

Poppy said...

Mushrooms taste like something VERY foul to me. I concur with your fungus assessment.