Thursday, October 01, 2009

Southern Belle

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I visited my younger sister, Ali, in Charleston, SC a couple weeks ago. She recently moved there with her husband and I had such a fantastic time down there. It's quite different down there, I have to say. First of all, I knew it would be hot, but I was not ready for scorching. It's one thing (and entirely okay) to be wicked hot while at the beach, but when walking around downtown, I wanted to die. I've been in cool weather mode since well, forever. While melting in Charleston, we got some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life at Mellow Mushroom.
Pizza (Past Tense) (Note: We took some home in a box. Not that there's any shame in finishing it off.)

It also rains a lot there, but the rain never messes up the plans. On the Sunday before I left, we planned to go to Isle Of Palms beach, but when we woke up, it was pouring. We decided to head out anyway, and by the time we arrived, it was nice out again. Superman

I also felt like a Northerner there. Never before have I said I'm from Virginia and not felt like the Southern Belle* I am. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not the slow southern feel like it is in Tennessee where people walk and talk way slower than anyone from Northern Virginia. I actually was reminded a lot of Puerto Rico.
J McLaughlin
Going out at night in Charleston is a sport unto itself. Friday night we went to Bushido, which has been featured on the Travel Channel.

Nathaniel took on the challenge and after signing his waiver (yes) he ate the first five.
Luckily for us, and him, he decided to do half now and half later. We had big drinking plans and the guy at the table next to use finished all 10 and pretty much couldn't sit still or stop sweating. He also said he exploded in the bathroom. His words, most certainly not mine!

As I was saying, Friday night in Charleston I noticed that the girl uniform was short shorts, a fancy top, and heels. My finest moment of the evening was when we were leaving our parking spot and we overheard this guy on the phone say, "You just want to fuck her in the ass!" Anyone who listens to Elliott In The Morning should already know what I said, "Anal?" I can't describe the tone, but it was amazing.

Saturday nights have an entirely different girl uniform: dresses and heels. I felt quite out of place wearing jeans. I also felt out of place because I was not so drunk I couldn't stand anymore. Nor was I sitting on the sidewalk drunk texting or trying not to vomit. I was inside, having fun.
Fun Times

After the bars closed, we decided to go to a strip club so Silva directed us to The Southern Belle. Unfortunately, the cover was $20 and since I have no need to see naked ladies, there was no way I was going to pay that. Especially since we got there at 3am and they closed at 4. Um, no. Silva was disappointed:(

BUT did you know that in South Carolina you can buy beer at 3am!? I still can't get over that.

I was sad to leave Ali and Nathaniel. I miss my sister a lot.

I've been up to more than just going to South Carolina, but this post is forever long right now.


*This will be funny later.

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