Saturday, January 09, 2010


On Serena's most recent post, I was about to comment with my own films that I find gorgeous and inspiring when I thought, why not write my own post about them? So here ya go:


I am obsessed with the Mozart Requiem. It is gorgeous. I used to listen to Mozart so much that I had to stop because I knew it so well that I couldn't study or read while it was on because I sang along.


I love Amelie because it is like a series of amazing photographs. I think every frame could be an award-winning photograph. And a movie that makes quirkiness beautiful? I love it!

Center Stage:

Not only does this movie have some amazing moments: when she brings him dessert, "You're a great dancer and an amazing choreographer, but as a boyfriend? you kinda suck", but the dances are so hott. Do you know how many times I have wanted (tried?) to learn the dance to Higher Ground? And how much I wish to have Cooper Nielson ride in on a motorcycle to dance with me? Um, yeah.

The Duchess:

The Empress of Fashion. Totally know, if huge-ass dresses were still in.


Even though the fashion in Clueless is a bit outdated, I must include this on the list for how inspiring it was in the beginning of high school. I never would have owned so much argyle or miniskirts had it not been for this amazing movie. I wanted to be Cher. Who didn't!?


Serena said...

That's a great list! Clueless was totally impactful and added a ton of new verbage to my vocabulary :-) And you know my love for Center Stage.

I need to watch Amadeus again. I haven't seen it in forever. Add that to the list of movies I should borrow :-)

Sparklebot said...

Amelie is my fave of those, followed closely by Clueless.

May Britney rest in peace.

rooroo said...

this is a great list! i've never actually seen amadeus all the way through but have a soft spot for the requiem because we sang the lacrymosa in middle school choir and i loooooved it. i just put the movie in my netflix queue!

i'm the best goddamn dancer in the american ballet academy. who the hell are you?

Randi said...

I wore the over the knee stockings my senior year in high school.... I love Clueless!