Monday, November 08, 2010

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

I wonder why I'm different. Why do I like it to be dark and cold outside? Twitter is blowing up with people complaining about Daylight Savings Time because they don't like to leave work and have it be dark. I was actually just thinking about how I love that! Yesterday I got home at about 5 and my night felt endless- it was great! It was 6pm and I kept feeling like it was 8 or so. What a treat to have the night go on and on.

And the cold? Man, it almost can't be too cold for me. Even though I get cold oh so easily (I am sitting here right now with a scarf and sweatshirt on), I never ever complain about it being too cold. Too cold does not exist in my world.

The sun and I have a love/hate relationship, though. It just makes me miserable in the summer and sometimes in the fall I want it far far away so it cools down, but I do love it when I'm at the beach or pool and yes, it's great to feel its warmth when it's about 20 degrees outside, but usually I can kind of do without it.

I think I'd like to live in Barrow, Alaska for a year to experience the November-January of no sun. I think it would be an interesting experience. And a chilly one!

But you know what's funny? Part of me could totally live on a boat in the tropics for a year, too. Figure that one out.


+Title from Death Cab For Cutie


Serena said...

Ah, the dichotomy of Scarlet :-)

It would be interesting to see how you fared in Alaska during the sunless months for sure. I used to think I could do it (and would still like to try...for a week), but I have noticed that the right kind of sunny day brings me joy. I should also note that the right kind of gloomy day brings me joy. Complete dark? Not sure about that one. While the night is magical for you, I fear I would build conspiracies and see threats in a never ending darkness. Ha.

Tess said...

Love it. I'm not like this, but I understand. Love the title, too...DCFC still owns me.

Jersey said...

first thought upon this entry was "death cab, YES."

i'm really liking this daylight saving thing. I feel like I'm EARLY to work because it's bright outside every morning!