Saturday, December 04, 2010


Playing Mozart's Requiem on the eve of the anniversary of his death at the same exact time it is being played in Salzburg. If that's not overwhelming then I don't know what is.

Tonight my orchestra played with the Piedmont Singers at an Episcopal Church in Middleburg, VA. To play a piece of music that I have loved for so many years was exciting in itself, but to play it on such a momentous day with so many other amazing factors was just incredible. I feel so lucky to be involved with this concert.

I have this incredibly dorky habit of getting very into the music I am playing. I may not be the most technical player out there anymore, but the love I have for what I play is what I believe sets me apart from the pedestrian players. I listen while I play. I enjoy how my part fits in with the whole and sometimes, when I realize that I am a part of an amazing piece of music, I am just filled with joy.

The movie Amadeus was where I first heard and fell in love with Mozart's Requiem.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.


+Title from Mozart


Serena said...

I love this. I agree that passion is so important. I'd argue often even more important than the technically proficient players.

Miss Scarlet said...

To play with musicality is something I worked on a lot in college. I'm proud of how I play and what I learned back then. I really need to get a copy of my senior recital. It was pretty cool!